Now India Has 54 Ramsar Sites

Now India Has 54 Ramsar Sites

Team Ambitiousbaba are here with a Current Affairs Special Series. In this series, candidates will be introduced to current affairs topics daily, which will not only improve their general awareness but also will ensure that the candidates do not lack in any current affairs topic. Today’s Current Affairs topic is “Now India Has 54 Ramsar Sites

Environment Minister, Bhupendra Yadav, has stated that now five more wetlands from India have been included in the Ramsar Sites. According to the Environment Minister’s statement now India has 54 Ramsar Sites. Previously it had 49 Ramsar Sites. 

According to the data, the new wetlands which have been included in that list are three of them in Tamil Nadu, one in Madhya Pradesh and one in Mizoram. The names of these wetlands are the Karikili Bird Sanctuary, Pallikaranai Marsh Reserve Forest and Pichavaram Mangrove in Tamil Nadu, the Sakhya Sagar in Madhya Pradesh and the Pala Wetlands in Mizoram.

Ramsar Sites In India:

After the announcement by the Environment Ministry the number of wetlands which are included in Ramsar Sites from India has increased to 54 from 49. Three wetlands from Tamil Nadu have made their place in that list. One from Madhya Pradesh and one from Mizoram are also now called Ramsar Sites.

Wetlands: The Unsung Heroes of Our Natural World – Your Connection to  Wildlife

Around 10 percent of the total area of wetlands in India is now included in the Ramsar Sites lists. That area covers almost 11,000 There are nine criteria for the listing of wetlands in Ramsar Sites and any wetlands must meet one of the criteria to be in the list.

The advantages for the wetlands of being in the Ramsar list are the proper conservation of wetlands, tourism encouragement, prevention from encroachment and increasing international recognition. 

About Ramsar Convention:

Ramsar Convention or the Convention of Wetlands had taken place and was signed in 1971 at Ramsar, a city, in Iran. The treaty was signed for the conservation of wetlands around the world and give them the acknowledgement of international recognition. 

Wetlands are the home to many species and most of them are endangered. The treaty is important for the ecological balance and maintaining the number of endangered species around the wetlands by giving them a place in Ramsar Sites.

What Are Wetlands?:

Wetlands are those places which are covered with water. The water can occur seasonally or permanently for years and decades. They are the most diverse places of all ecosystems and have a great importance. They need to be conserved because they are home to many biologically important species. 

The water which is spread over the wetlands can be brackish, salty and freshwater. They are a place for many Aquatic plants and species. When a wetland gets international recognition, the conservation of that wetland can be done by proper strategy. Thus Ramsar recognition becomes important for the development of biological ecosystems.

Questions And Answers:

Q1. How many new wetlands are included in Ramsar Sites?

Ans. 5 new wetlands from India

Q2. These wetlands are from which states?

Ans. 3 from Tamil Nadu and one each from Madhya Pradesh and Mizoram.

Q3. When was the Ramsar Convention signed?

Ans. 1971

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