Probability & Permutation and Combination Quiz for IBPS, SBI, RBI: Quiz 3

Probability & Permutation and Combination Quiz for IBPS, SBI, RBI: Quiz- 3

Probability & Permutation and Combination plays a significant role in Quantitative Aptitude Section of banking exams such as IBPS, SBI and RBI PO and Clerk. You will get at least 1-2 questions from Probability & Permutation and Combination in one of IBPS, SBI and RBI PO & clerk exam. So, aspirants should focus on Probability & Permutation and Combination questions in detail. Here, we are providing you with the Probability & Permutation and Combination questions quiz with the detailed solution so that you can easily prepare for Probability & Permutation and Combination questions. We are providing here all-important latest pattern-based questions and Previous Year Questions of Probability & Permutation and Combination of various Government Exam like IBPS, SBI, and RBI PO and Clerk exam. This Probability & Permutation and Combination quiz we are providing is free. Attempt this Probability & Permutation and Combination quiz to practice important questions with answers and solutions. And score better in IBPS, SBI and RBI PO and Clerk exam.

Probability & Permutation and Combination Quiz to improve your Quantitative Aptitude for SBI Po & SBI clerk exam, IBPS PO & IBPS Clerk exam, IBPS RRB PO and assistant exam, LIC AAO, LIC Assistant and other competitive exam.

1. Find the number of ways in which letters of word AHMEDABAD be arranged such that no vowels come together?

(a) 1440

(b) 1350

(c) 1240

(d) 1540

(e) 1650

Answer & Explanation

2. Find the probability of selecting two same colour balls from 3 green, 1 orange and 2 Red colour balls?

(a) 4/15

(b) 2/15

(c) 3/5

(d) 3/7

(e) 7/15

Answer & Explanation

3. A child is asked to pick up 2 balloons from a box containing 10 blue and 15 red balloons. What is the probability of the child picking, at random, 2 balloons of different colors?

(a) 1/2

(b) 2/3

(c) 1/4

(d) 3/5

(e) 5/7

Answer & Explanation

4. In how many ways can 5 prizes be distributed to 8 students if each student can get any number of prizes?

(a) 40

(b) 5⁸

(c) 8⁵

(d) 120

(e) 140

Answer & Explanation

5. The letters of the word PROMISE are to be arranged so that three vowels should not come together. Find the number of arrangements.

(a) 4470

(b) 4320

(c) 3792

(d) 4200

Answer & Explanation

6.There are four hotels in a town. If three men check into the hotels in a day then what is the probability that all of them do not check into the same hotel? 

(a) 15/16

(b) 63/64

(c) 3/64

(d) 1/16

(e) 1/4

Answer & Explanation

7.Two letters are chosen out of the alphabets of the English language. Find the probability that both the letters are vowels.

(a) 2/65

(b) 3/65

(c) 1/65

(d) 3/5

(e) 7/65

Answer & Explanation

8. How many five-letters containing 2 vowels and 3 consonants can be formed using the letters of the word EQUALITY so that 2 vowels occur together?

(a) 1260

(b) 1000

(c) 1150

(d) 1152

(e) None of these

Answer & Explanation

9. A number is selected at random from the first 50 natural numbers. What is the probability that it is either a multiple of 7 or a multiple of 9?

(a) 3/25

(b) 6/25

(c) 9/50

(d) 1/5

(e) 11/50

Answer & Explanation

10.Find probability of selecting a team of 7 members from a group of 6 girls and 7 boys such that team will have at least 3 girls and at most 4 boys?

Answer & Explanation

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