Profit And Loss Quiz for RRB PO & Clerk | Quiz-9

Profit And Loss for RRB PO & Clerk | Quiz-9

Many competitive exams include questions about Profit and Loss. Generally, the Profit and Loss Questions are concerned with fundamental concepts and calculations. Students frequently make the error of using profit and loss formulae. So, to help you prepare well, we are providing you Profit and Loss Quiz. Candidates can take this Profit and Loss Quiz for free. This Profit and Loss Quiz contains detailed solutions to each question. Candidates must practice this Profit and Loss Quiz to enhance their preparation for upcoming exams.

  1. A garment company declared 17% discount for wholesale buyers. Mr Sameer, a wholesaler bought garments from the company for Rs. 1660 after getting discount. He fixed up the selling price of garments in such a way that he earned a profit of 7% on original company price. What is the selling price?

(a) Rs. 2130

(b) Rs. 2140

(c) Rs. 2410

(d) Rs. 2310

(e) None of these

Answer & Explanation

  1. A dishonest cloth merchant sales cloth at the cost price but uses false scale which measures 80 cm in lieu of 1 m. Find his gain percentage?

(a) 20%

(b) 25%

(c) 15%

(d) 12%

(e) 22%

Answer & Explanation

  1. ‘P’ sells his watch at 20% profit to Q while Q sales it to R at a loss of 10%. If R pays Rs. 2160. Find at what price P sold watch to Q?  

(a) Rs. 2000

(b) Rs. 2200

(c) Rs. 2400

(d) Rs. 1800

(e) Rs. 2500

Answer & Explanation

  1. A trader gave a discount of 20% on marked price and sold the product at 25% profit. What should be the discount percent on marked price of product if trader wants to earn 40% profit?

(a) 10.4%

(b) 10.8%

(c) 11.2%

(d) 9.6%

(e) 12.4%

Answer & Explanation

  1. Price of an article is mark up by 100/3 and after that a discount of 15% given on each article if list price of article is 20 then find the total profit on selling of 17 such articles.  

(a) Rs. 34

(b) Rs. 2

(c) Rs. 12

(d) Rs. 26

(e) Rs. 15

Answer & Explanation

  1. A person brought some articles and sold 60% of them for the price he paid for total articles. He sold the remaining articles at 10% profit. Find his total profit percentage.

(a) 50%

(b) 46%

(c) 44%

(d) 10%

(e) 56%

Answer & Explanation

  1. The market price of an article was 40% more than its cost price. Rana was going to sell it at market price to a customer, but he showed Rana some defects in the article, due to which Rana gave him a discount of 28.57%. Next day he came again and showed Rana some more defects, hence he gave him another discount that was equal to 12.5% of the cost price. What was the approximate profit/loss to Rana ?

(a) Loss of 12.5%

(b) Profit of 12.5%

(c) Loss of 24.5%

(d) Profit of 22.5%

(e) Loss of 15%

Answer & Explanation

  1. John sells his laptop to Mark at a loss of 20% who subsequently sells it to Kevin at a profit of 25%. Kevin after finding some defect in the laptop, returns it to Mark but could recover only Rs.4.50 for every Rs. 5 he had paid. Find the amount of Kevin’s loss if John had paid Rs. 1,75,000 for the laptop?





(e) 18500

Answer & Explanation

  1. When an article is sold for Rs. 703, loss incurred is 25% less than the profit earned on selling it at Rs. 836. What is the selling price of the article when it earns a profit of 20%?
    (a) 912

(b) 1576

(c) 1532

(d) 1092

(e) None of these

Answer & Explanation

  1. A seller calculated his intended selling price at 6% profit on the cost of a product. However, owing to some mistake while selling, the units and tens digits of the selling price got interchanged. This reduced the profit by Rs. 9 and profit percentage 2.4%. What is the cost price of the product?

(a) Rs. 240

(b) Rs. 250

(c) Rs. 400

(d) Rs. 480

(e)none of these

Answer & Explanation

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