Quant Quiz for IBPS CLERK MAINS 2018 | 6th January 2019

Quant Quiz to improve your Quantitative Aptitude & Data Interpretation. For upcoming exams like Bank, SSC, Railway, UPSC, UPSSSC, CDS, UPTET, KVS, DSSSB and other Government exams.

Directions (Q1-Q5): Given below table shows Monthly bills paid by three different people in five different months on four different items. Study the table carefully to answer the questions that follow.

Month Monthly  Bills
Recharge Metro Card Cab Mobile Phones Parking-Charge
Ram Suresh Raj Ram Suresh Raj Ram Suresh Raj Ram Suresh Raj
January 2340 1900 1130 1450 2450 3150 1930 3230 6500 1440 2340 3450
Feb 1240 2340 3210 2700 2200 1350 1510 1340 3500 1640 2210 3250
March 1560 4320 2110 8600 1500 9800 2320 4420 1320 1430 5320 3320
April 870 1230 1240 1240 1500 1160 2130 3240 1840 2450 1340 1250
May 2210 1040 1560 2350 1030 1310 1430 5320 1430 3240 4320 5430

q 1.PNG

(a) 50,000

(b) 48,000

(c) 52,000

(d) 36,000

(e) 38,000

Q2. Average bill of Ram in month of April is what percent more or less than the average bill of Raj in month of Feb (approximately)?

(a) 35%

(b) 45%

(c) 42%

(d) 40%

(e) 32%

Q3. If expenditure on these bills for Suresh in February month is 20% of his total expenditure in February and total expenditure in February month is half of his income for February month then his income in February is?

(a) 72000

(b) 80520

(c) 80900

(d) 64500

(e) None of these

Q4. What is the difference in total bill of Raj for Recharge of metro and total bill of Ram for February month in these bills?

(a) 2160

(b) 2450

(c) 2020

(d) 3010

(e) None of these

Q5. Consider these all bills are for year 2016. If in year 2017 bill for metro card Cab and mobile phone are increased by 10%, 33% and % respectively then what will be bill far Raj in March 2017(approximately)?

(a) 24500

(b) 23200

(c) 19150

(d) 20150

(e) None of these

Q6.  A group of 30 men, working 4 hours a day can do a piece of work in 10 days. Find the number of days in which  another group of 45 men working 8 hrs a day can do twice the work. Assume that 2 men of the first group do as much work in 2 hours as 4 men of the second group do in 1 hour?

option 6

Q7. The manufacturer of an article makes a profit of 5%, the wholesale dealer makes a profit of 10%, and the retailer makes a profit of 15%. Find the manufacturing price of the article if the retailer sold it for Rs. 5313?

(a) Rs. 4000     

(b) Rs. 4500

(c) Rs. 5000                 

(d) Rs. 4950

(e) None of these

Q8. Ajay calculates his profit percentage on the selling price whereas Vijay calculates his profit on the cost price. They find that the difference of their profits is Rs. 130. If the selling price of both of them are the same, and Ajay gets 15% profit and Vijay gets 10% profit, then find their selling price?

(a) Rs. 220                    

(b) Rs. 2200

(c) Rs. 2300                 

(d) Rs. 230

(e) None of these

Q9. A person invested a certain amount at simple interest at the rate of 6 per cent per annum earning Rs. 900 as an interest at the end of three years. Had the interest been compounded every year, how much more interest would he have earned on the same amount with the same interest rate after three years ?

(a) Rs. 38.13     

(b) Rs. 25.33

(c) Rs. 55.08     

(d) Rs. 35.30

(e) None of these

Q10. From a cask full of spirits one-hundredth part is drawn and the cask filled with water. From the mixture one-hundredth part is drawn and the cask again filled with water, and a similar operation is again performed. Find the ratio of the quantity of wine left in the cask to the original quantity after the third operation ?.

(a) 970299 : 1000000

(b) 29701 : 1000000

(c) 970399 : 1000000

(d) 971099 : 1000000

(e) None of these


Q 1- 2

Q 3-4

Q 5 -6.PNG

Q 6 -7

Q 9 -10

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