Quant Quiz for IBPS CLERK PRE 2019 |14 November 2019

Quant Quiz for IBPS CLERK PRE

Quant Quiz to improve your Quantitative Aptitude for SBI Po & SBI clerk exam IBPS PO Reasoning , IBPS Clerk Reasoning , IBPS RRB Reasoning, LIC AAO ,LIC Assistant  and other competitive exams

Q1. Vessel-A contains 80 liters mixture of petrol and kerosene oil in the ratio 3 : 1 and vessel-B contains mixture of diesel, petrol and kerosene oil in the ratio 1 : 3 : 5. Mixtures of both vessels are mixed in another vessel-C and quantity of petrol in vessel-C is 10 liters more than the quantity of kerosene oil in vessel-C. Then, find the capacity of vessel-B. 

A) 140 liters 

B)  135 liters 

C) 120 liters

D) 125 liters 

E) 130 liters 

Answer & Explanation
 Q1. Ans(B)

Q2.  A container contains two liquids A and B in the ratio 8 : 5 .When 13 liters of mixture is drawn off and is completely replaced with liquid B, then the ratio of A and B in the container becomes 1 : 1. How many liter of liquid A was in the container initially ? 

A) 128/3 liter 

B) 117 liter 

C) 134/3 liter 

D) 134/3 liter 

E)  130 liter 

Answer & Explanation
 Q2. Ans(A)

Q3. B is twice as old as A. Average of present age of A and B is 24 years and average of present age of B and C is 38 years. Find present age of C is what percent less than present age of A and B together? 






Answer & Explanation
 Q3. Ans(E)

Q4.  Vessel-A and Vessel-B contains mixture of milk and water in the ratio of 2 : 3 and 5 : 3 respectively. When 50% mixture from Vessel-A and 40% mixture from Vessel-B taken out and mixed together, then the resulting mixture contains 36 liters of water and 36 liters of milk. Find ratio of quantity of water in Vessel-A to quantity of water in Vessel-B? 

A) 8 : 5 

B)  1 : 1 

C)  2 : 3 

D) 5 : 7 

E) 9 : 5 

Answer & Explanation
 Q4. Ans(A)

Q5.  Pankaj and Suresh invested capital in the ratio of 4 : 3 in a partnership business. Pankaj and Suresh left the business after 5 months and after 10 months respectively. Raju joined the business with Rs.50000 when Suresh left, and they wind up the business after 1 year. If at the end of one-year profit sharing ratio of Pankaj, Suresh & Raju is 2 : 3 : 1, then find the difference between the capital invested by Pankaj and Suresh? 

A) Rs.10000 

B)  Rs.40000 

C) Rs.30000 

D) Rs.30000 

E) Rs.30000 

Answer & Explanation
 Q5. Ans(A)

6. If X men can do a work in (X+16) days and (2X+32) men can do same work in 8 days then find in how man days (X-8) men can do half of the work.

A) 32 days

B) 16 days

C)  64 days 

D) 48 days

E) 48 days

Answer & Explanation
 Q6. Ans(A)

Q7. There pipes X, Y and Z can fill a tank in 12 minutes, 15 minutes and 18 minutes respectively. Only pipe Y is opened for the first 2.5 min. and then pipe Z is also opened. After 3.5 min. more pipe X is also opened. Find the approximate time taken to fill the tank? 

A) 6 min

B) 8 min

C) 10 min

D) 5 min

E) 7 min

Answer & Explanation
 Q7. Ans(B)

Q8.   A, B & C can do a piece of work in 20 days, 40 days & 80 days respectively. All three start work simultaneously and after two days C left the work, after another two days B also left the work. Find the percentage of work done by A, If A working alone and complete the remaining work? 

A) 62.5%

B) 85%

C)  87% 

D) 87.5%

E) 90%

Answer & Explanation
 Q8. Ans(D)

Q9. A can do a piece of work in 16 days, B in 10 days. A and B work at it together for 6 days and then C finishes it in 3 days, in how many days could C have done it alone?

A)  40 days 

B) 80 days

C)  90 days 

D) 120 days

E) none of these

Answer & Explanation
 Q9. Ans(D)

Q10.  A takes half as long to do a piece of work as B takes, and C does it in the same time as A and B together, and if all three working together would take 7 days, how long would each take separately? 





Answer & Explanation
 Q10. Ans(A)

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