Quant Quiz for SBI PO PRE & LIC AAO 2019 |30 April 2019

Quant Quiz for SBI PO PRE & LIC AAO 2019

Reasoning Quiz to improve your Quantitative Aptitude for SBI Po & SBI clerk exam Reasoning, IBPS PO Reasoning , IBPS Clerk Reasoning , IBPS RRB Reasoning, LIC AAO ,  and other competitive exams.

1. A 240 m long train takes 40 s longer to cross a platform twice its length than the time it takes to cross a pole at the same speed. What is the speed of the train? 

A) 6 m/s

B) 24 m/s

C) 48 m/s 

D) 12 m/s

E) None of these 

Answer & Explanation
 Q1. Ans(D) 

Q2.  The distance between two stations A and B is 900 km. A train starts from A and moves towards B at an average speed of 30 km/hr. Another train starts from B, 20 minutes earlier than the train at A, and moves towards A at an average speed of 40 km/hr. How far from A will the two trains meet ? 

A) 380 km

B) 320 km

C) 240 km 

D) 330 km

E) None of these 

Answer & Explanation
 Q2. Ans(A)

Q3. Two trains were running in opposite directions at the speed of 48 kmph and 24 kmph respectively. If the faster train passed a man sitting in the slower train in 9.5 seconds, what is the length of the faster train?

A) 180m

B) 190m

C)  210m

D) 240m

E)  None of these 

Answer & Explanation
 Q3. Ans(B)

Q4. The length of train A is twice that of train B and speed of train A is half of that of train B. If train A crosses a man in 4 sec. then find how long will train B take to cross train A if they go in same direction. 

A) 3s 

B)  4s 

C) 5s 

D) 6s 

E) None of these 

Answer & Explanation
 Q4. Ans(D)

Q5.  A basket contains 5 black and 8 yellow balls. Four balls are drawn at random and not replaced. What is the probability that they are of different colours alternatively. 

A) 56/429

B) 57/429

C) 61/429

D) 68/429

E) None of these

Answer & Explanation
 Q5. Ans(A)

Q6. Manish borrowed some money at the rate of 7 per cent per annul for the first three years, 9 per cent per annul for the next six years and 10 per cent per annul for the period beyond nine years. If the total interest paid by him at the end of fifteen years is Rs 4050, how much money did he borrow( if simple interest be reckoned)?

(a) Rs 2800       

(b) Rs 3600

(c) Rs 3000        

(d) Rs 3500

(e) None of these

Answer & Explanation
 Q6. Ans(c)


Q7. The bases of a hemisphere and a cone are equal. If their heights are also equal then ratio between their curved surface area is— 






Answer & Explanation
Q7. Ans(B)

Q8.  2, 3, 12, 65, 462, ? 

A) 2987 

B) 3287 

C)  4167 

D) 4477 

E) 4850 

Answer & Explanation
Q8. Ans(C)

Q9.  ? , 766, 824, 904, 1017, 1174 

A) 705 

B) 722 

C) 709 

D) 727 

E) 719 

Answer & Explanation
Q9. Ans(E)

Q10.  55, 104, 225, 394, ? , 1044 

A) 683 

B) 660 

C) 675 

D) 695 

E) 729 

Answer & Explanation
Q10. Ans(A)

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