Railway JE Quant quiz for Phase I and other railways exams 02/02/2019

Quant quiz for RRB JE (Phase I), RRB NTPC, SSC various exams and other competitive exams.

Q1. If a + b + c= 8 and ab + bc + ca = 13, then value of bc(b + c) + ca(c + a) + ab(a+b) + 3abc is 

A) 91

B) 100

C) 104

D) 107

Q2. The LCM of 3 numbers is 60 times of their HCF. The sum of their LCM and HCF is 1281, if all the numbers are smaller than LCM. Find all the number if all the three numbers are divided by HCF the quotients are consecutive numbers. 

A) 63, 85, 108

B) 42, 105, 78

C) 51, 72, 63

D) 63, 84, 105







A) 8

B) 7

C) 6

D) 10

Q5.  AD is perpendicular to the internal bisector of ∠ABC of ∆ ABC. DE is drawn through D and parallel to BC to meet AC at E. If the length of AC is 10 cm, then the length of AE (in cm) is 

A) 6

B) 5 

C) 7

D) 3

Q6.  The average weight of A, B and C is m kg. A and C lose n kg each after dieting and B gains n/2 kg. After this their average weight decreases by 2 kg Find n- 

A) 3 kg

B) 4 kg

C) 3.5 kg

D) 2 kg

Q7. Find the area of a regular octagon inscribed in a circle of radius r? 





Q8. In the expression the values of both x and y are decreased by 10%. Due to this, the value of the expression is decreased by 

A) 27.1%

B) 28%

C) 25.7%

D) 26.1%

Q9.  A right angle triangle with base and height measuring 15 cm and 20 cm is rotated along its hypotenuse and formed a new structure. Find the volume  of the structure 

A) 2400π

B) 1100π 

C) 1200π 

D) 300π 

Q10. Two partners A and B invested Rs 55,000 & 77000 respectively in a business & agreed that 70% of the profits should be divided equally between them & the remaining profit in the ratio of investment. If one partner gets Rs 90 more than the other, then find the total profit made in the business. 

A) 1200 Rs.

B) 2000 Rs.

C) 1800 Rs.

D) 2400 Rs.

Q1. Ans(C)

Q2. Ans(D)

Q3. Ans(A)

Q4. Ans(A)

Q5. Ans(B)

Q6. Ans(B)

Q7. Ans(B)

Q8. Ans(A)

Q9. Ans(C)

Q10. Ans(C)

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