Railway JE Quant quiz for Phase I and other railways exams 04/02/2019

Railway JE Quant quiz for  (Phase I), RRB NTPC, SSC various exams and other competitive exams.


A) 7

B) 4

C) 2

D) 0

Q2. In given figure. ABCD is a square and E & F are the mid points of AD and BC respectively. Find the ratio of shaded and un-shaded area. 

A)  π – 2 : π 

B)  4 – π : π 

C) 4 : 2π 

D)  π : 4 – π

Q3. A and B are two fixed points 6 cm apart and C is a point on AB such that AC is 4 cm. If the length of AC is increased by 5%, the length of CB is decreased by? 

A)  10%

B) 9%

C) 12%

D) 16%

Q4. If a and b are two odd positive integers, by which of the following integer is  always divisible by






A) 7

B) 11

C) 23

D) 27


A) 2

B) 3

C) 4 

D) 0

Q7. Two men start walking from A & B, at a distance of 31.5 km towards each other at same time. The Speed of first person is 2 km/h, while the other one starts at 1 km/h and increases his speed every hour by 1/2 km/h. Then after what duration will they meet? 

A) after 5 hour

B) after 10 hour

C) after 14 hour

D) after 7 hours

Q8. The area of an isosceles trapezium is 90 cm² and the height is 5/9 th of the sum of its parallel sides. If the ratio of the length of the parallel sides is 4 : 5, then the length of a diagonal (in cm) is 

A) 2√137

B) √181 

C) 9√5 

D) 18√3 

Q9.  150 workers were engaged to finish a piece of work in a certain number of days. Four workers dropped on the second day, four more workers dropped on third day and so on. It takes 8 more days to finish the work now, find the number of days in which the work was completed? 

A) 28

B) 24

C) 25

D) 30


A) 4/9 

B) 2/3 

C) 9/4 

D) 3/2 


Q1. Ans(B)

Q2. Ans(D)

Q3. Ans(A)

Q4. Ans(B)

Q5. Ans(A)

Q6. Ans(C)

Q7. Ans(D)

Q8. Ans(B)

Q9. Ans(C)

Q10. Ans(C)

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