Railway JE Quant quiz for Phase I and other railways exams 05/02/2019

Railway JE Quant quiz for Phase I

Railway JE Quant quiz for  (Phase I), RRB NTPC, SSC various exams and other competitive exams.


A) 1

B) 2

C) 0

D) None of these

Direction (Q2 – Q6) :  Please read the following table carefully & mark the correct options. Given below in the table are the population of some villages & the ratio of male to female among those who voted from their villages in the Panchayat elections. 

Q2.  What is the ratio of no. of villagers who didn’t gave vote to the male villagers from A & C who gave vote?

A) 2282/1125 

B) 913/450 

C) 301/150 

D) 2/1 

Q3.  Total population of village B & D together is approximately what percent of total population of village C?

A) 79% 

B) 125% 

C) 115% 

D) 151% 

Q4. Total no. of villagers who voted in village A & C together will be?

A) 11900 

B) 12900 

C) 21000 

D) 19000 

Q5.  What is the total sum of difference between males & females who voted in village B & D together?

A) 4100 

B) 4560 

C) 2960 

D) 2620 

Q6. What no. of females gave votes in all the villages together? 

A) 21,850 

B) 16,650

C) 18,850 

D) 19,850 


A) π/6 

B) π/4 

C) π/3 

D) π/5 

Q8. Given an equilateral ∆ABC inscribing two circles as shown in the figure below. If DE tangent to both the circles. Then find the ratio of perimeters of the two circles. 

A) 5 : 1 

B) 3 : 1 

C) 6 : 7 

D) 3 : 2 


A) 2525 

B) 2220 

C) 2575 

D) 2530 




Q1. Ans(C)

Q2. Ans(B)

Q3. Ans(A)

Q4. Ans(C)

6000 + 15000 = 21000 

Q5. Ans(A)

Q6. Ans(C)

Q7. Ans(C)

Q8. Ans(B)

Q9. Ans(A)

Q10. Ans(B)

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