Railway JE Quant quiz for Phase I and other railways exams 27/02/2019

Railway JE Quant quiz for Phase I

Railway JE Quant quiz for  (Phase I), RRB NTPC, SSC various exams and other competitive exams.

Q1.  I have to reach a certain place at a certain time and I find that I shall be 15 min late, if I walk at 4 km an hour and 10 min early, if I walk at 6 km an hour. How far have I to walk? 

A) 25 km

B) 5 km

C) 10 km

D) 12 km

Q2. A child can do a piece of work, 15 hours slower than a woman. The child works for 18 hours alone then the woman takes charge for 6 hours. In this manner, 3/5 of the work is completed. To complete the job now, how much more time will the woman take? 

A) 20 hrs

B)  12 hrs

C) 36 hrs

D) 4 hrs

Q3. Profit of business are distributed among three partner A, B and C in such a way that 4 times the amount received by A is equal to 6 times the amount received by B and 11 times the amount received by C. The ratio in which A, B & C received the amount respectively is- 

A) 33 : 22 : 12

B)  65 : 25 : 48 

C) 29 : 47 : 58

D) 34 : 21 : 14 

Q4. If √5 = 2.236, then the value of  is equal to 

A) 7.826

B) 8.944 

C) 5.59

D) 10.062 

Q5. If xcos60° + ycos0° = 3 and 4xsin 30° – ycot45° = 2, then what is the value of x ? 

A) – 1

B) 0

C) 1

D) 2






Q7.  The radius of incircle of an equilateral triangle is 3 cm. What is the length of each median of the triangle ABC? 

A) 12 cm

B) 9/2 cm 

C) 4 cm

D)  9 cm

Q8.  Suppose LMNP is a parallelogram and LP is perpendicular to NR. If area of parallelogram is 6 times area of Δ RNP and RP = 6 cm, then LR is equal to 

A) 15 cm

B) 12 cm

C)  9 cm

D) 8 cm

Q9. If x = 2t and , then for what value of t, x = y is correct? 

A) 1/3

B) – 1/4

C) 1/4

D) – 1/2

Q10. Study the following Pie Chart carefully to answer the questions given below it. 

The central angle corresponding to the sector on Printing cost is more than that of Advertisement charges by- 

A) 72°

B) 61.2° 

C) 60°

D)  54.8° 

Q1. Ans(B)

Q2. Ans(B)

Q3. Ans(A)

4A = 6B = 11C 
So, A : B : C = 33 : 22 : 12 

Q4. Ans(A)

Q5. Ans(D)

Q6. Ans(C)

Q7. Ans(D)

Q8. Ans(B)

Q9. Ans(B)

Q10. Ans(B)

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