RBI Assistant Pre 2022: English Language Quiz –7

RBI Assistant 2022 English Language Quiz 

The English Language section is included in almost all major competitive exams in the country, and it is also one of the highest-scoring sections. Aspirants who practice questions on a regular basis have a good chance of doing well in the English Language Section. So here we are providing you with the English Language Quiz to help you prepare better. This English Language Quiz includes both new pattern-based questions and questions from the previous year. This English Language Quiz is completely free. In this English Language Quiz, candidates will be given a detailed explanation of each question. Candidates must put this into practice. To score, complete the English Language Quiz.


Directions (1-5): In each of the question given below a/an idiom/phrase is given in bold which is then followed by five options which then tries to decipher its meaning as used in the sentence. Choose the option which gives the meaning of the phrase most appropriately in context of the given sentence.


  1. You must be in a fool’s paradiseif you think that it will rain at the time of such hot summers.

(a) illusory happiness

(b) critical

(c) situation

(d) world

(e) fooleries

Answer & Explanation
Ans. a

Exp. Option (a) is the correct choice. The phrase ‘a fool’s paradise’ means a state of happiness based on a person’s not knowing about or denying the existence of potential trouble.


  1. He will have one more feather in his capafter he has finished this incredibly difficult assignment.

(a) achievement

(b) integration

(c) admiration

(d) surprise

(e) motivation

Answer & Explanation
Ans. a

Exp. Option (a) is the right choice. The phrase ‘feather in one’s cap’ means to have an achievement in your name.

  1. Everybody else knew each other really well, so I felt a bit like a fish out of water.

(a) alliance

(b) accomplished

(c) accommodate

(d) insidious

(e) obliterated

Answer & Explanation
Ans. e

Exp. Option (e) is the correct choice. The phrase ‘a fish out of water’ means a person in a completely unsuitable environment or situation.

  1. I just need to get my foot in the door, and then I can move up.

(a) agreement

(b) associate

(c) affiliation

(d) action

(e) fraternization

Answer & Explanation
Ans. d

Exp. Option (d) is the correct choice. The phrase ‘foot in the door’ means an action, appointment etc, that provides an initial step towards a desired goal.


  1. One must be able to control their anger and not just bring their bunch of fivesto every event.

(a) association

(b) punch

(c) passel

(d) bundle

(e) club

Answer & Explanation
Ans. b

Exp. Option (b) is the right choice.  The phrase ‘bunch of fives’ refers to boxing and how the five fingers come together for the same (a fist of punch).


Directions (6-10): In each of the questions given below a sentence is given with one blank. Below each sentence FOUR words are given out of which two can fit the sentence. Five options are given with various combinations of these words. You have to choose the combination with the correct set of words which can fit in the given sentence.

  1. An amazing transformation has _________ in the course of a generation.

(A) occurred

(B) emerged

(C) diluted

(D) changed

(a) A-B

(b) B-D

(c) C-D

(d) B-C

(e) A-C

Answer & Explanation
Ans. a

Exp.  ‘Occurred’ means happened or taken place which is similar in meaning to ‘emerged’ in the context of the sentence. Thus, option (a) is correct.

  1. The Insolvency and _________ Code has now been in force for more than a year and given its ambitious objectives and impact.

(A) economical

(B) bankruptcy

(C) indebtedness

(D) inflation

(a) A-C

(b) B-C

(c) C-D

(d) D-A

(e) A-B

Answer & Explanation
Ans. b

Exp. ‘Bankruptcy’ and ‘indebtedness’ is the correct choice of the words. The conjunction ‘and’ is used to connect the word ‘insolvency’ with the other word which should be similar in meaning with the previous word. Thus, option(b) is correct.

  1. Investments in public infrastructure is a key _________ of economic growth strategy among emerging economies.

(A) division

(B) structure

(C) component

(D) ingredient

(a) A-B

(b) B-C

(c) C-D

(d) A-D

(e) B-D

Answer & Explanation
Ans. c

Exp. Option (c) is the correct choice. ‘component’ means a part or element of a larger whole, especially a part of a machine or vehicle and ‘ingredient’ means a component part or element of something. Hence, they can be substituted for each other.

  1. Improvements can also come from changes in other ______________ environmental or policy factors.

(A) coexistent

(B) corelated

(C) auxiliary

(D) contemporaneous

(a) B-C

(b) C-D

(c) A-D

(d) B-D

(e) A-B

Answer & Explanation
Ans. c

Exp. Option (c) is the right choice. ‘contemporaneous’ means existing at or occurring in the same period of time. Hence, contemporaneous and coexistent can be used interchangeably.

  1. The reason __________ the lack of research is that infrastructure is not placed randomly across regions.

(A) towards

(B) behind

(C) into

(D) for

(a) B-D

(b) D-C

(c) C-A

(d) A-B

(e) A-D

Answer & Explanation
Ans. a

Exp. Option (a) is the correct choice. The preposition ‘behind’ and ‘for’ can be used to substitute each other.

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