Reasoning Quiz for IBPS CLERK MAINS 2018| 10th January 2019

Reasoning Questions and Reasoning Quiz for IBPS PO Reasoning , IBPS Clerk Reasoning , IBPS RRB Reasoning ,SBI exam Reasoning , and other competitive exams.

Directions (Q1-Q5): These questions are based on the following information.

Eight members A, B, C, D, E, F, G and H are sitting in a row. Some members are facing to North  and the remaining are facing to  South. They all are like different colors viz. black, white, yellow, grey, brown, pink, red and purple. The following information is known about them.

* D sits third to the left of E who does not like yellow or red color, neither of them sits at any end and G likes pink color.

* Two members sit between E and H who likes white color.

* B who does not like red color and black color sits to the immediate left of H and both of them face the same direction.

* A sit second to the left of G, both of them face different directions and they likes pink and brown color.

* C is not adjacent to D and likes grey color, but C and D face the same direction as G.

* F sits second to the right of C and faces North and does not like red or purple color.

* B and F are not adjacent to each other.

* No three members sitting in consecutive positions face the same direction.

* The person who like black color is not neighbor of A.

* Yellow and Pink color is not immediate neighbor.

Q1. What is the respective ratio of the members who are facing north to the number of members who are facing south?

(a) 5 : 3

(b) 1 : 1

(c) 3 : 5

(d) Cannot be determined

(e) None of these

Q2. How many members sit between B and F?

(a) three

(b) one

(c) two

(d) four

(e)None of these

Q3. Which of the following statements is true?

(a) H and G face the same direction.

(b) D and F face different directions.

(c) H and G sit at the ends.

(d) B and E face North.

(e)None of these

Q4. Which of the following combination is correct?

(a) B-Red-north

(b) E-White-South

(c) D-Pink-north

(d) C-Grey-north

(e) None of these

Q5. Who among them are facing to South and likes which color?

(a) C and G, Grey and Pink

(b) D and C, Red and Grey

(c) A and B, Brown and Purple

(d) A and C, Brown and Grey

(e) None of these

Directions (Q6-Q10):In each of the following questions, assuming the given statements to be true, find out which of the two conclusions I and II given below them is/are definitely true. Give answer

q6-10 reas



Q1. Ans.(b)

.Q2. Ans.(c)

Q3. Ans.(c)

Q4. Ans.(d)


Q6. Ans.(d)

Q7. Ans.(e)

Q8. Ans.(c)

Q9. Ans.(a)

Q10. Ans.(d)

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