RRB clerk Prelims Quantitative Aptitude Quiz – 5

RRB clerk Prelims Quantitative Aptitude Quiz

Quantitative aptitude measures a candidate’s numerical proficiency and problem-solving abilities. It is the most important section of almost all competitive exams. Candidates are often stymied by the complexity of Quantitative Aptitude Questions but if they practice more and more questions it will become quite easy. So, here we are providing you with the RRB Clerk Quantitative Aptitude Quiz to enhance your preparation for your upcoming examination. Questions given in this RRB Clerk Quantitative Aptitude Quiz are based on the most recent and the latest exam pattern. A detailed explanation for each question will be given in this RRB Clerk Quantitative Aptitude Quiz. This RRB Clerk Quantitative Aptitude Quiz is entirely free of charge. This RRB Clerk Quantitative Aptitude Quiz will assist aspirants in achieving a good score in their upcoming examinations.

  1. A bag has seven red, four white and three green balls while another bag has five red, six yellow and three blue balls. A bag is selected at random and a ball drawn out of it, then Find the probability that the ball drawn is red.

(a)  1/7

(b)  3/7

(c)  2/7

(d) 1

(e)  6/7

Answer & Explanation

  1. What will be the cost of fencing the rectangular field whose area is 486 sq. m. if the cost of fencing is Rs 11 per meter and length of the field is 50% more than the breadth of the field.

(a) Rs 1100

(b) Rs 990

(c) Rs 880

(d) Rs 770

(e) Rs. 660

Answer & Explanation
  1. Ranu and Parul invested in the ratio 7 : 8 in a business .They got an annual profit of Rs 34450. If Ranu withdrew her entire amount at the end of 9 months. Then find the difference between their share in profit?

(a) Rs 6400

(b) Rs 8180

(c) Rs 7150

(d) Rs 6400

(e) Rs 7560

Answer & Explanation
  1. What will be the difference between simple interest and compound interest at 10% p.a. on the sum of Rs 10,000 after 4 years?

(a) 628

(b) 541

(c) 640

(d) 540

(e) 641

Answer & Explanation
  1. A and B can finish a piece of work in 6 and 8 days respectively. If A and B work on alternate days, how much time will it take to complete the work if B start the work?

(a) 6 days

(b) 5 days

(c) 7 days

(d) 4 days

(e) 8 days

Answer & Explanation

Directions (6-10): What should come in place of question mark (?) in the following questions?

  1. 48% of 525 +  ?  % of 250 = 499

(a) 88.8

(b) 76.6

(c) 82.6

(d) 98.8

(e) 92.8

Answer & Explanation
  1. 5/2 of 7/8  of 1/28 of 1600=260 + ?– 499   

(a) 264

(b) 480

(c) 364

(d) 342

(e) 420

Answer & Explanation

(a) 69

(b) 71

(c) 79

(d) 63

(e) 89

Answer & Explanation

(a) 484

(b) 22

(c) 24

(d) 42

(e) 26

Answer & Explanation
  1. 252 + 520 ÷ 20 + 420 = 121 + ? 

(a) 587

(b) 577

(c) 527

(d) 477

(e) 627

Answer & Explanation
Ans. b


252 + 26 + 420 = 121 + ?

? = 577

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