RRB NTPC Civics quiz for Stage I : 17/04/2019

Important Civics Questions Quiz for RRB NTPC and RRB JE Exam

In this article, we are providing you some important Geography Questions for upcoming SSC Exams. This Geography Quiz does not only helps you to deal with the General Awareness Section of Railway Exams but also helpful in RRB NTPC SSC CGL, CHSL, MTS, NDA-CDS, RRB JE, SSC GD Constable, IB Security Assistant,State Exams & Other Govt. Exams.

Q1.What is the minimum age required to become vice-president of India?

भारत का उपराष्ट्रपति बनने के लिए न्यूनतम आयु कितनी होनी चाहिए?

(a) 30 years

(b) 35 years

(c) 40 years

(d) 37 years

Answer & Explanation

Exp. The minimum age required to become Vice-President is 35 years according to Article 66(3)(b) of Indian Constitution

Q2. NITI Aayog has been formed to replace which of the following institution?

NITI Aayog का गठन निम्नलिखित में से किस संस्था को बदलने के लिए किया गया है?

(a) Planning Commission/

(b) IRDA /

(c) Department of Telecommunications (DoT)/दूरसंचार विभाग

(d) Department of Information Technology/सूचना प्रौद्योगिकी विभाग

Answer & Explanation

Exp. NITI (NATIONAL INSTITUTION OF TRANSFORMING INSTITUTION) is a government policy think tank replacing Planning Commission by Cabinet Resolution from 1st January 2012.The Prime Minister is chairperson of NitiAayog.

Q3.How many fundamental Rights are mentioned in Indian constitution?

भारतीय संविधान में कितने मौलिक अधिकारों का उल्लेख है?

(a) Five                                                                

(b) Six

(c) Seven                                                                            

(d) Eight

Answer & Explanation

Exp. The Constitution guarantees six fundamental rights to Indian citizens as follows: (i) right to equality, (ii) right to freedom, (iii) right against exploitation, (iv)right to freedom of religion, (v) cultural and educational rights, and (vi) right to constitutional remedies.

Q4.How many Fundamental Duties are mentioned in Indian constitution?

भारतीय संविधान में कितने मौलिक कर्तव्यों का उल्लेख किया गया है?





Answer & Explanation

Exp. The Fundamental Duties of citizens were added to the Constitution by the 42nd Amendment in 1976, upon the recommendations of the Swaran Singh Committee that was constituted by the government earlier that year. Originally ten in number, the Fundamental Duties were increased to eleven by the 86th Amendment in 2002.

Q5. Which of the following Country doesn’t have a written Constitution?

निम्नलिखित में से किस देश में लिखित संविधान नहीं है?

(a) United Kingdom                                        

(b) Australia

(c) United States of America                       

(d) Bangladesh

Answer & Explanation

Exp. Australia, United States of America and Bangladesh has written constitution while on the other hand United Kingdom doesn’t have a written constitution.

Q6.Which article can be used by the President of India to declare financial emergency?

जो लेख भारत के राष्ट्रपति द्वारा वित्तीय आपातकाल की घोषणा करने के लिए इस्तेमाल किया जा सकता है?

(a) Article 32                                                                      

(b) Article 349

(c) Article 360                                                                    

(d) Article 365

Answer & Explanation

Exp. Article 360 can be used by the President of India to declare financial emergency.

Q7.”United Nations Organization” is listed in the __________ list given in the Seventh Schedule in the Constitution of India.

संयुक्त राष्ट्र संगठन” को भारत के संविधान में सातवीं अनुसूची में दी गई __________ सूची में सूचीबद्ध किया गया है।

(a) Union/यूनियन                                

(b) State/राज्य

(c) Global/ग्लोबल                                        

(d) Concurrent/समवर्ती

Answer & Explanation

Exp. “United Nations Organization” is listed in the Union list given in the Seventh Schedule in the Constitution of India.

Q8.Constituent Assembly of India was founded in the year ________.

भारत की संविधान सभा की स्थापना वर्ष ________ में की गई थी।

(a) 1940                                                                                               

(b) 1946

(c) 1947                                                                                                

(d) 1950

Answer & Explanation

Exp. Constituent Assembly of India Founded in August 1940.

Q9. What is the retirement age of the Prime Minister of India?

भारत के प्रधान मंत्री की सेवानिवृत्ति की आयु क्या है?

(a) 60 years                                   

(b) 70 years

(c) 80 years                                   

(d) No limit

Answer & Explanation

Exp. There is no limit in the retirement age of the Prime Minister of India.

Q10. In case State emergency is declared, it needs Parliamentary approval after every _____.

यदि राज्य आपातकाल घोषित किया जाता है, तो उसे हर _____ के बाद संसदीय अनुमोदन की आवश्यकता होती है।

(a) 6 months                     

(b) 1 year

(c) 2 years                                          

(d) 3 years

Answer & Explanation

Exp. State emergency is imposed for an initial period of six months and can last for a maximum period of three years with repeated parliamentary approval every six months.

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