RRB NTPC Quant quiz for Stage I : 04/03/2019

RRB NTPC Quant quiz for Stage I

Railway NTPC Quant quiz for  (Phase I), RRB (JE), RRB ALP, SSC various exams and other competitive exams.

Q1.  If the value of √3 = 1.732, then calculated the value of 

A)  1.732 

B)  -1.464 

C)  3.464 

D) -1.732 


A) 110 

B) 130 

C) 150 

D) 160 


A) 0

B) 1

C) 2

D) 3

Q4. Calculate the distance (in cm) of the chord from the center of the circle, if the chord of length 48 cm is drawn in the circle of radius 25 cm. 

A) 7

B) 14 

C) 49 

D)  56 

Q5.  If the angle subtended by the radius of the circle and the vertex B of the triangle ABC is 40°. Then calculate the value of ∠ BAC.

A) 35°

B) 45°

C) 50° 

D) 65° 

Q6.  Weights of two friends A and B are in the ratio of 7 : 8. A’s weight increases by 10% and the total weight of A and B increase by 20%. What is the percentage increase in the B’s weight? 

A) 28.75 

B) 11.55 

C) 32.85 

D)  24.25 


A) 5/12 

B) 5/9 

C) 4/9 

D) 4/15 

Q8.  Robin can do a work alone in 9 days. Amit can do the same work alone in 6 days. Both of them finish the work together and they get a total Rs 2500. What is the share (in Rs) of Robin? 

A) 1700 

B) 1200 

C) 1500  

D) 1000 

Q9. A boat covers 63 km upstream in 9 hours and covers the same distance downstream in 7 hours . What is the speed (in km/ hr) of the boat in still water? 

A) 8.7 

B) 8.5 


D) 8 

Q10. The lengths of the two diagonals of a rhombus are 5 cm and 12 cm. Find its area (in cm²). 

A) 30 

B) 15 

C) 60 

D) 45 


Q1. Ans(D)

Q2. Ans(C)

Q3. Ans(B)

Q4. Ans(A)

Q5. Ans(C)

Q6. Ans(A)

Q7.  Ans(A)

Q8. Ans(D)

Q9. Ans(D)

Q10. Ans(A)

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