RRB PO Quantitative Aptitude Quiz- 26

RRB PO Prelims Quantitative Aptitude Quiz

Quantitative aptitude measures a candidate’s numerical proficiency and problem-solving abilities. It is the most important section of almost all competitive exams. Candidates are often stymied by the complexity of Quantitative Aptitude Questions but if they practice more and more questions it will become quite easy. So, here we are providing you with the RRB PO Quantitative Aptitude Quiz to enhance your preparation for your upcoming examination. Questions given in this RRB PO Quantitative Aptitude Quiz are based on the most recent and the latest exam pattern. A detailed explanation for each question will be given in this RRB PO Quantitative Aptitude Quiz. This RRB PO Quantitative Aptitude Quiz is entirely free of charge. This RRB PO Quantitative Aptitude Quiz will assist aspirants in achieving a good score in their upcoming examinations.

Directions (1-5): Table given below shows number of mobile phones sold by five different sellers in six different months. Study the data carefully and answer the following questions:

  Jan Feb Mar April May June
Varun 108 104 118 154 171 128
Akash 86 92 108 96 112 94
Ashish 115 90 120 140 85 125
Pihu 114 117 96 123 175 125
Satyendra 112 126 147 123 96 132


  1. Find the ratio of mobile phones sold by Akash in Feb and April together to mobile phones sold by Satyendra in Jan and April together?  

(a) 13 : 25

(b) 13 : 15

(c) 3 : 5

(d) 4 : 5

(e) 9 : 15

Answer & Explanation

  1. Total mobile phones sold by Ashish in six months is what percent of the total mobile phone sold by Pihu in all the six months?      

(a) 95%

(b) 90%

(c) 80%

(d) 85%

(e) 92.5%

Answer & Explanation

  1. Mobile phones sold by Pihu in Feb is what percent of mobile phones sold by Varun in same month?

(a) 117.5%

(b) 105%

(c) 107.5%

(d) 125%

(e) 112.5%

Answer & Explanation

  1. Find the average number of phones sold by Akash?  

(a) 98

(b) 103

(c) 93

(d) 106

(e) 108

Answer & Explanation

  1. Phones sold by Satyendra in Feb and March together is what percent more or less than the phones sold by Varun and Akash in Feb.  

(a)  254/7%

(b)  278/7%

(c)  275/7%

(d)  185/7%

(e)  268/7%

Answer & Explanation

  1. Ratio of speed of Sakshi and Priya to cover a distance is 3 : 4. If Priya covers the distance 30 minutes earlier then Sakshi, then find the time taken by Sakshi to cover the distance.

(a) 3 hours

(b) 2.5 hours

(c) 1 hours

(d) 1.5 hour

(e) 2 hours

Answer & Explanation

  1. Cost price of 4 pens is equals to selling price of 5 pencils and cost price of 8 pencils is equal to selling price of 3 pens then find the profit percentage on selling one pen and one pencils together if ratio of cost price of pen to pencil is 5 : 3.

(a)  100/3%

(b) 50%

(c)  200/3%

(d) 75%

(e) 55%

Answer & Explanation

  1. Fresh grapes contain 75% of water by weight while dried grapes contain 40% of pulp by weight. Find the weight of dry grapes obtained from 24 kg of fresh grapes?  

(a) 10 kg

(b) 12 kg

(c) 15 kg

(d) 18 kg

(e) 20 kg

Answer & Explanation

  1. In a bag there are three types of colored balls i.e, yellow, green and Red. The probability of getting one yellow ball is 2/5 and the probability of selecting one green ball is 3/7. If total number of Red balls are 18 then find the probability of selecting one red ball.  

(a)  6/35

(b)  7/26

(c)  4/35

(d)  2/35

(e)  8/35

Answer & Explanation

  1. Ravi can do a work in 24 days who is 50/3 % less efficient then Satyendra. In how many days Ravi and Satyendra together can complete the same work?

(a)   109/11  days

(b)  121/12  days

(c) 12 days

(d)  111/11  days

(e)  120/11  days

Answer & Explanation

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