Static Awareness Quiz 14th September 2018

Q1. The Raneh waterfall is located on which river in Madhya Pradesh?

(a) Ganga

(b) Rapti

(c) Ravi

(d) Ken

(e) Yamuna

Q2.Bhagalpur city is situated on which river?

(a) Brahmaputra

(b) Mahanadi

(c) Ganga

(d) Kaveri

(e) None of these

Q3.The Hornbill Festival is a celebration held every year from 1 – 10 December in which state?

(a) Mizoram

(b) Nagaland

(c) Sikkim

(d) Assam

(e) None of these

Q4.The Nikkei index belongs to which of the following stock exchanges?

(a) Tokyo

(b) Beijing

(c) New York

(d) Bangkok

(e) London

Q5.The Bheemgarh dam is built across the Wainganga river in which state?

(a) Punjab

(b) Rajasthan

(c) Gujarat

(d) Madhya Pradesh

(e) None of these

Q6.Sunderban wildlife sanctuary is situated in?

(a) West Bengal

(b) Assam

(c) Odisha

(d) Jharkhand

(e) Bihar

Q7.The ‘Chamera II Hydroelectric Plant’ is situated in the India State of ?

(a) Arunachal Pradesh

(b) Jammu & Kashmir

(c) Uttarakhand

(d) Himachal Pradesh

(e) Nagaland

Q8.‘Reykjavik’ is the capital and the largest city of ?

(a) Jordan

(b) Iceland

(c) Ireland

(d) Latvia

(e) Israel

Q9.‘Unstoppable: my Life So Far’ is the autobiography of?

(a) Serena Williams

(b) Ankita Raina

(c) Sania Mirza

(d) Martina Navratilova

(e)Maria Sharapova

Q10.Which state celebrated “Shigmo” festival recently? It is the biggest Hindu festival in the state.

(a) Kerala

(b) Sikkim

(c) Goa

(d) Nagaland

(e) Telangana



Exp.The Raneh Falls is a natural water fall located in Chhatarpur district of Madhya Pradesh on Ken River. It is situated about 20 km away from world famous heritage site Khajuraho. The waterfall is also close to Panna Tiger Reserve and Ken crocodile sanctuary. It was awarded the Best Holiday Award for 2017.Tourists from all over the country and abroad come here every year to enjoy the natural beauty. The Ken River here runs through a narrow gorge of igneous rocks rich in Granite and Dolomite. The Pandav Falls in Panna National Park is also located nearby.


Exp.Bhagalpur is a city of historical importance on the southern banks of the river Ganges in the Indian state of Bihar.


Exp.The Hornbill Festival is a celebration held every year from 1 – 10 December, in Nagaland, Northeast India. It is also called the ‘Festival of Festivals’.


Exp.Nikkei 225 is an index which belongs to the Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE). The Nihon Keizai Shimbun (Nikkei) calculates the index daily since 1950.


Exp.Bheemgarh dam also known as Sanjay Sarovar Bandh and Upper Wainganga dam is built Across the Wainganga river in Chhapara tehsil of Seoni district of Indian state of Madhya Pradesh. The Bhimgarh Sanjay Sarovar Dam is located 43 km away from the Seoni. It is known as the biggest Mud / Earthen dam of Asia.


Exp.The Sunderbans in West Bengal forms the largest delta at the intersection of Ganges, Meghna and Brahmaputra rivers.This large and magnificent jungle is spread between two countries, Bangladesh and India. Sunderban wildlife sanctuary is spread over an area of 4264 kms and is the habitat of the royal Bengal tiger


Exp.The Chamera Dam impounds the River Ravi and supports the hydroelectricity project in the region. It is located near the town of Dalhousie, in the Chamba district in the state of Himachal Pradesh in India The reservoir of the dam is the Chamera Lake. Large part of its reservoir lies in Salooni sub-division of Chamba.


Exp.Iceland -‘Reykjavik’

Currency-Icelandic Krona


Exp.Unstoppable: my Life So Far’ is the autobiography of Maria Sharapova.


Exp.Shigmo or Shishirotsava is a spring festival celebrated in the Indian state of Goa, where it is one of the major festivals of the Hindu community. It is also celebrated by Konkani diaspora and Indian festival of Holi is part of it.

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