Successful test of hybrid propulsion system by ISRO

Successful test of hybrid propulsion system by ISRO

On Wednesday,the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) announced the successful test of a hybrid propulsion system which uses a solid fuel and liquid oxidizer.

On Tuesday,the testing of hybrid motor was done in ISRO’s propulsion complex in Mahendragiri.

What is a Hybrid propulsion system?

Hybrid propulsion system is a vehicle propulsion system with two or more sources of propulsion such as batteries,petrol, diesel and other renewable sources of energy.It potentially paving the way for a new propulsion system for the forthcoming launch vehicles.

How was it tested?

The ground based test was performed for about 15-20 seconds on a 30mm sounding rocket motor.The flight equivalent 30kN powdered hybrid motor used hydroxyl terminated polybutadiene (HTPB) aluminised solid fuel and liquid oxygen as oxidizer.Unlike solid-solid or liquid-liquid combinations, a hybrid motor uses solid fuel and liquid oxidiser, it was noted.

Ammonium perchlorate as oxidizer is used in conventional HTPB based solid propellant motors.The function of oxidiser is to supply the oxygen needed for the combustion.

The restarting and throttling capabilities on a motor is permitted by hybrid technology.The use of liquids facilitates throttling and it also control the flow rate of LOX.LOX is safer to handle and both HTPB and LOX are green.

Hybrid Motor Importance.

According to ISRO,the hybrid motor is stackable and scalable.It is a safe propulsion system and being the throttle and restartable.

The ability of any motor to restart is possible when there is control over liquid oxygen flow rate.As both LOX and HTBP are green therefore handling LOX is safer.

As part of perfecting the technology, ISRO will try it out on a sounding rocket launch in the future.


So this test of ISRO’s Hybrid Propulsion system will definitely help us in many ways and we hope that something innovative will be seen in future very soon.

Questions and answers:

Q1. Which test has been successfully done by ISRO recently?

Ans. Hybrid propulsion system

Q2.Name two characteristics of hybrid Motor.

Ans.It is stackable and scalable.

Q3.Which two things are green and safer to handle in a hybrid propulsion system?

Ans.HTPB and LOX

Q4.Expand HTPB.

Ans.Hydroxyl Terminated polybutadiene

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