The Hindu Editorial Analysis : 25th November 2022

The Hindu Editorial Analysis:

The Hindu is now synonymous with civil services aspirants. What brought on this cult readership?

We all are aware of the importance of reading The Hindu newspaper with the aspect of improving reading ability, easily comprehending paragraphs, getting updated with the current events, improving essay writing and many more. For a banking aspirant it becomes necessary to read editorials for vocabulary. In this article we are going to discuss the points of today’s editorials with practice questions and important vocabs.

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Disquiet in Northeast.

  • On November 22, five villagers from Meghalaya and an Assam forest guard were killed and two others were seriously injured in a firing incident along the boundary between two states.
  • That Assam Government said the incident happened after its forest guards tried to intercept a truck smuggling illegal timber.
  • When the truck was stopped the first personal were gheraoed by unknown miscreants who resorted to violence, achieving to Assam, which maintains that the staff resorted to firing to save their lives.
  • Meghalaya chief minister Conrad Sangma said on Twitter that the Assam police and Assam forest guards entered Meghalaya.
  • Versions differ and both states have instituted separate inquiries , but the mistrust and underlying conflict in the northeast that lead to such incidents are deeper.
  • Assam and Meghalaya have a five decade old boundary dispute.
  • Meghalaya, carved out of Assam as an autonomous region in 1970, become a full fledged state in 1972.
  • In March, Assam and Meghalaya resolved the boundary dispute at six out of total 12 such locations along their 884.9km boundary.
  • Assam has boundary dispute at various points in time with the states carved out of it- Arunachal Pradesh, Nagaland, Meghalaya and Mizoram .
  • Last year, the police forces of Assam and Mizoram clashed , killing five on the Assam side.
  • Dozens of people have died in conflicts along state borders on the northeast over the years.
  • Union Home minister Amit Shah had asked Assam to take the lead in resolving the lingering disputes, which have their origins in the colonial cartography that overlooked the life patterns of local communities.
  • The BJP is in government in much of the northeast and has the leverage to aim for a comprehensive resolution of all outstanding disputes in the region.
  • Communities will have to be taken into confidence ,and boundaries adjusted .
  • In any case, these man made lines should not be allowed to restrict the movement of people in pursuit of a livelihood.

Practice Questions:

  • Who were killed in Assam and Meghalaya on November 22?
  • What does the Chief minister of Meghalaya said on Twitter?
  • What does the home minister Amit Shah had asked to Assam?

Important Vocabs:

  • Pursuit- the action of trying to achieve or get something
  • Leverage- the act of using a lever to lift or open something; the force needed to do this
  • Linger- to stay somewhere or do something for longer than usual
  • Fledged- having wing feathers that are large enough for flight
  • Gheraoed-

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