The Hindu Editorial Analysis: 7th October 2022

The Hindu Editorial Analysis:

The Hindu is now synonymous with civil services aspirants. What brought on this cult readership?

We all are aware of the importance of reading The Hindu newspaper with the aspect of improving reading ability, easily comprehending paragraphs, getting updated with the current events, improving essay writing and many more. For a banking aspirant it becomes necessary to read editorials for vocabulary. In this article we are going to discuss the points of today’s editorials with practice questions and important vocabs.

Persuade, Don’t lure.

  • The Election Commission of India’s proposal wants Indian political parties to disclose the financial implications of the promises that they make in their manifestos.
  • The ECI also said that the parties should communicate with electors the fiscal rationale for promising delivery of services that involve the significant outgo from the Indian revenue treasury or the exchequer.
  • The ECI is now proposing a proforma of such disclosures.
  • If parties agree with this then they have to disclose what section of society that promise is targeted at,the extent of coverage and the number of beneficiaries and the total cost needed to implement it.
  • The parties will have to disclose that how the required resources will be raised
  • The centre and the states have been asked to disclose the details of the budget revenue receipts and expenditure to give the parties an idea of the fiscal challenge that their promised scheme may pose according to their manifestos.
  • It is believed that it will make a framework from which voters can assess the party’s manifesto easily.
  • From this it may also make the party treat its manifesto as a responsible exercise to persuade rather than to attract the voters.
  • There is bound to be some resentment among sections of the political class.
  • The parties can argue that the ECI should not interfere in the manifesto formulation and its implementation because it will be the responsibility of the party which will come into power.
  • The guideline itself arose in supreme court in 2013 that the parties can make electoral promises even if they are involved in the distribution of consumer goods and services.
  • It may also have a more meaningful impact ,be it positive or negative on the prospect of the party winning over the electorate with a single flagship promise.

Practice Questions:

  • Explain the guidelines issued by the Election Commission of India regarding party’s promises in their manifestos?
  • What can the centre and States be asked to disclose?
  • What was the guideline of the supreme court in 2013 regarding election?

Important Vocabs:

  • Manifestos- published declaration of the motive, intentions or target by any political party.
  • Persuade- to make somebody do something by giving some good reasons.
  • Fiscal- related to taxation,public revenues or debts.
  • Resentment- a feeling of anger because you have been forced to do something you don’t like.

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