The Hindu Editorial VOCAB:  10th June 2022

The Hindu Editorial VOCAB:  10th June 2022

In this competitive world, ‘Vocabulary’ is extremely important for almost every exam like Banking, Railway, Insurance, SSC, and other Government exams so here We bring you The Hindu Vocab on daily basis to boost your vocab power and help you in your preparation for different examinations.


  1. Intermittent (adj.)

Meaning: occurring at irregular intervals; not continuous or steady. (रुक-रुक कर)

Synonyms: sporadic, irregular, random

Antonyms: constant, continuous, incessant

Sentence: After three hours of intermittent rain, the game was abandoned.

  1. Surmise (verb)

Meaning: suppose that something is true without having evidence to confirm it. (अंदाज़ा लगाना)

Synonyms: guess, conjecture, suspect

Antonyms: ascertain, determine, find out

Sentence: He surmised that something must be wrong

  1. Hectic (adj.)

Meaning: full of incessant or frantic activity. (अतिव्यस्त)

Synonyms: buzzing, bustling, very active

Antonyms: clam, quite, peaceful

Sentence: I’ve found the past few weeks rather hectic.

  1. Vilification (noun)

Meaning: abusively disparaging speech or writing. (तिरस्कार करना)

Synonyms: condemnation, criticism, censure

Antonyms: acclaim, accolade, applause

Sentence: They pelted him with ridicule and vilification.

  1. Lacuna (noun)

Meaning: an unfilled space or interval. (कमी)

Synonyms: want, scarcity, shortage

Antonyms: enough, plenty, sufficiency

Sentence: The journal has filled a lacuna in Middle Eastern studies.

  1. Germane (adj.)

Meaning: relevant to a subject under consideration. (सार्थक)

Synonyms: relevant, pertinent, applicable

Antonyms: irrelative, irrelevant, pointless

Sentence: He asks questions that are germane and central to the issue.

  1. Epithet (noun)

Meaning: an adjective or descriptive phrase expressing a quality characteristic of the person or thing mentioned. (विशेषण)

Synonyms: sobriquet, nickname, byname

Sentence: Old men are often unfairly awarded the epithet “dirty”.

  1. Incertitude (noun)

Meaning: a state of uncertainty or hesitation. (शक)

Synonyms: disbelief, incredulity, unbelief

Antonyms: assurance, belief, certainty

Sentence: Some schools broke down under the stresses of policy incertitude

  1. Consternation (noun)

Meaning: feelings of anxiety or dismay, typically at something unexpected. (चिंता)

Synonyms: dismay, perturbation, anxiety

Antonyms: comfort, consolation, relief

Sentence: The announcement created surprise and consternation.

  1. Impeccable (adj.)

Meaning: (of behavior, performance, or appearance) in accordance with the highest standards of propriety; faultless. (निर्दोष)

Synonyms: flawless, faultless, unblemished

Antonyms: amiss, guilty, sinful

Sentence: The head of the investigation must be a person of impeccable probity and honesty.

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