The Hindu Editorial VOCAB:  10th May 2022

The Hindu Editorial VOCAB:  10th May 2022

In the modern competitive era, most of the exams have the English Language as a section. So here we bring you The Hindu Vocab on daily basis to enhance vocabulary power and help you prepare for the exams like Banking, Railway, Insurance, SSC, and other Government exams.


  1. Downtrodden (adj.)

Meaning: oppressed or treated badly by people in power. (उत्पीड़ित)

Synonyms: oppressed, subjugated, persecuted

Antonyms: invigorated, gladdened, encouraged

Sentence: In the year 1789 the downtrodden French peasantry turned upon their oppressors.

  1. Pedantic (adj.)

Meaning: causing weariness or lack of interest (उबाऊ)

Synonyms: boring, dull, dusty

Antonyms: attractive, beguiling, entertaining

Sentence: His lecture was so pedantic and uninteresting.

  1. Collusion (noun)

Meaning: secret or illegal cooperation or conspiracy, especially in order to cheat or deceive others. (आपसी साँठ – गाँठ)

Synonyms: conspiracy, connivance, complicity

Sentence: The officials are in collusion with the criminals.

  1. Manumitted (verb)

Meaning: release from slavery; set free. (रिहा करना)

Synonyms: freed, liberated, released

Antonyms: enslaved, fettered, unfree

Sentence: Old Angus had never manumitted a single slave.

  1. Extirpated (verb)

Meaning: root out and destroy completely. (समाप्त करना)

Synonyms: destroy, eradicate, root out

Antonyms: conserved, preserved, protected

Sentence: The triumph of modern medicine in extirpating certain diseases.

  1. Ostentatious (adj.)

Meaning: characterized by vulgar or pretentious display; designed to impress or attract notice. (दिखावटी)

Synonyms: showy, pretentious, conspicuous

Antonyms: conservative, quiet, understated

Sentence: They criticized the ostentatious lifestyle of their leaders.

  1. Sweltering (adj.)

Meaning: uncomfortably hot. (तपती)

Synonyms: boiling, broiling, burning

Antonyms: cold, freezing, icy

Sentence: The air conditioning was broken, and it was sweltering in the office.

  1. Amiability (adj.)

Meaning: the quality of having a friendly and pleasant manner; geniality. (सुशीलता)

Synonyms: friendliness, affability, cordiality

Antonyms: disagreeableness, unpleasantness

Sentence: I found his amiability charming.

  1. Pompous (adj.)

Meaning: affectedly and irritatingly grand, solemn, or self-important. (गर्वित)

Synonyms: self-important, imperious, overbearing

Antonyms: egoless, humble, modest

Sentence: He appears pompous but is a good man underneath.

  1. Sultry (adj.)

Meaning: (of the air or weather) hot and humid. (उमसदार)

Synonyms: humid, tropical, torrid

Antonyms: algid, arctic, cool

Sentence: On really sultry days we go to the mall to hang out and cool off.

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