The Hindu Editorial VOCAB:  11th November 2023

The Hindu Editorial VOCAB:  11th November 2023

In this competitive world, a strong Vocabulary will help a candidate ace in learning English for competitive exams. So here we bring you The Hindu Vocab on daily basis to boost vocabulary power and help you in your preparation for the exams like Banking, Railway, Insurance, SSC, and other Government exams.


  1. Snobbish (adj.)

Meaning: relating to, characteristic of, or like a snob. (दंभपूर्ण)

Synonyms: elitist, snobby, superior

Antonyms: humble, modest, unpretentious

Sentence: My brother is very snobbish about cars.

  1. Insouciance (noun)

Meaning: casual lack of concern; indifference. (लापरवाही)

Synonyms: nonchalance, unconcern, lack of concern

Antonyms: concern, interest, regard

Sentence: For all her apparent insouciance, she was desperately unhappy.

  1. Avidity (noun)

Meaning: extreme eagerness or enthusiasm. (उत्कट इच्छा)

Synonyms: enthusiasm, keenness, eagerness

Antonyms: apathy, indifference

Sentence: He read detective stories with avidity.

  1. Perusal (noun)

Meaning: the action of reading or examining something. (अध्ययन)

Synonyms: reading, scrutiny, inspection

Antonyms: ignorance, neglect,

Sentence: I continued my perusal of the instructions.

  1. Inkling (noun)

Meaning: a slight knowledge or suspicion; a hint. (आभास)

Synonyms: idea, sense, notion

Antonyms: answer, solution

Sentence: The records give us an inkling of how people saw the world.

  1. Tweak (verb)

Meaning: improve (a mechanism or system) by making fine adjustments to it. (बदलाव)

Synonyms: modify, alter, change

Antonyms: fixation, stabilization

Sentence: Engineers tweak the car’s operating systems during the race.

  1. Acrimonious (adj.)

Meaning: (typically of speech or a debate) angry and bitter. (उग्र)

Synonyms: bitter, rancorous, caustic

Antonyms: caring, gentle, kind

Sentence: Their marriage ended eight years ago in an acrimonious divorce

  1. Impugn (verb)

Meaning: dispute the truth, validity, or honesty of (a statement or motive) (बहस करना)

Synonyms: call into question, debate, dispute

Antonyms: justify, pardon, remit

Sentence: I did not mean to impugn her professional abilities.

  1. Divulge (verb)

Meaning: make known (private or sensitive information). (प्रकट करना)

Synonyms: disclose, reveal, make known

Antonyms: conceal, enshroud, hide

Sentence: I do not want to divulge my plans at the moment.

  1. Radiance (noun)

Meaning: light or heat as emitted or reflected by something. (चमक)

Synonyms: light, shining, brightness

Antonyms: dark, darkness, dullness

Sentence: She seemed to shine with an inner radiance.

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