The Hindu Editorial VOCAB:  13th July 2021

The Hindu Editorial VOCAB:  13th July 2021

Vocabulary forms the most important aspect of many competitive exams like Banking, Railway, Insurance, SSC, and other Government exams. So here We provide you The Hindu Vocab on daily basis to enhance vocab power and helps you in your preparation for various examinations.


  1. Lash (verb)

Meaning: strike (someone) with a whip or stick. (जोर से मारना)

Synonyms: whip, flog, beat

Sentence: We had to lash the cargo to the ship’s deck during the storm.

  1. Insipid (adj.)

Meaning: lacking flavor. (फीका)

Synonyms: tasteless, flavorless, unflavored

Antonyms: flavorful, flavorsome, sapid

Sentence: There is a mug of insipid coffee on the table.

  1. Mien (noun)

Meaning: a person’s look or manner, especially one of a particular kind indicating their character or mood. (चेहरे का भाव)

Synonyms: appearance, look, expression

Sentence: He has a cautious, academic mien.

  1. Deluge (noun)

Meaning: a severe flood (बाढ़)

Synonyms: flood, flash flood, spate

Antonyms: drought, dribble, drip

Sentence: This may be the worst deluge in living memory.

  1. Contravene (verb)

Meaning: violate the prohibition or order of (a law, treaty, or code of conduct). (अवहेलना करना)

Synonyms: break, breach, defy

Antonyms: obey, follow, comply with

Sentence: Because your actions contravene school policy, you’re being suspended for ten days.

  1. Notability (noun)

Meaning: the fact or quality of being notable. (प्रसिद्धि)

Synonyms: noteworthiness, momentousness, memorability

Antonyms: nobody, noncelebrity, mediocrity

Sentence: An opening night that was attended by some of Broadway’s biggest notabilities.

  1. Enmity (noun)

Meaning: the state or feeling of being actively opposed or hostile to someone or something. (शत्रुता)

Synonyms: hostility, animosity, antagonism

Antonyms: amity, friendship, civility

Sentence: Enmity had existed between the two families for generations.

  1. Babel (noun)

Meaning: a confused noise made by a number of voices. (कोलाहल)

Synonyms: clamor, tumult, uproar

Antonyms: quiet, silence, calm

Sentence: She hushed the babel of her thoughts and tried to sleep.

  1. Exuberant (adj.)

Meaning: filled with or characterized by a lively energy and excitement. (विपुल)

Synonyms: ebullient, buoyant, cheerful

Antonyms: low-spirited, sullen, surly

Sentence: Exuberant crowds rushed to greet the returning national champions in collegiate basketball.

  1. Felonious (adj.)

Meaning: relating to or involved in crime. (दुष्ट)

Synonyms: illegal, illicit, unlawful

Antonyms: lawful, legal, legitimate

Sentence: They turned their felonious talents to the smuggling trade.

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