The Hindu Editorial VOCAB:  17th November 2022

The Hindu Editorial VOCAB:  17th November 2022

Having a good command of Vocabulary will help you to ace many competitive exams. So here We bring you The Hindu Vocab on daily basis to boost vocab power and help you in your preparation for exams like Banking, Railway, Insurance, SSC, and other Government exams.


  1. Stringent (adj.)

Meaning: (of regulations, requirements, or conditions) strict, precise, and exacting (कड़ी से कड़ी)

Synonyms: strict, harsh, tough

Antonyms: flexible, lax, loose

Sentence: California’s air pollution guidelines are stringent

  1. Derogation (noun)

Meaning: the perception or treatment of someone or something as being of little worth (अनादर)

Synonyms: dishonour, disrespect, insult

Antonyms: ennoblement, honour, glorification

Sentence: He could not tolerate the derogation of his father.

  1. Reassert (verb)

Meaning: to prove; confirm (साबित करना/ पुष्टि करना)

Synonyms: reaffirm, affirm, allege

Antonyms: disclaim, reject, abandon

Sentence: The Prime Minister aimed to reassert his authority.

  1. Mulling (verb)

Meaning: think about (a fact, proposal, or request) deeply and at length. (विचार करना)

Synonyms: ponder, consider, think over

Antonyms: forget, ignore, neglect

Sentence: she began to mull over the various possibilities.

  1. Incarceration (noun)

Meaning: the state of being confined in prison; imprisonment. (क़ैद कर देना)

Synonyms: imprisonment, internment, confinement

Antonyms: freedom, independence, liberty

Sentence: A Manhattan court sentenced him to two to four years incarceration.

  1. Insolence (noun)

Meaning: rude and disrespectful behavior. (बदतमीजी)

Synonyms: impertinence, impudence, cheek

Antonyms: civility, graciousness, politeness

Sentence: She was sacked for insolence.

  1. Debar (verb)

Meaning: exclude or prohibit (someone) officially from doing something. (निषेध करना)

Synonyms: exclude, ban, prevent

Antonyms: admit, include

Sentence: They were debarred entry to the port.

  1. Gelid (adj.)

Meaning: icy; extremely cold. (ठंढा)

Synonyms: frozen, freezing, icy

Antonyms: ardent, blazing, boiling

Sentence: The Titanic passengers could not long survive the gelid waters of the North Atlantic.

  1. Queer (adj.)

Meaning: strange; odd. (विचित्र)

Synonyms: odd, strange, unusual

Antonyms: common, ordinary, familiar

Sentence: She had a queer feeling that they were being watched.

  1. Incessant (adj.)

Meaning: (of something regarded as unpleasant) continuing without pause or interruption. (निरंतर)

Synonyms: ceaseless, unceasing, constant

Antonyms: discontinuous, irregular, unsteady

Sentence: We have had incessant snowfall since yesterday afternoon.

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