The Hindu Editorial VOCAB:  1st November 2021

The Hindu Editorial VOCAB:  1st November 2021

In the modern competitive era, most of the exams have the English Language as a section. So here we bring you The Hindu Vocab on daily basis to enhance vocabulary power and help you prepare for the exams like Banking, Railway, Insurance, SSC, and other Government exams.


  1. Predispose (noun)

Meaning: make someone liable or inclined to a specified attitude, action, or condition. (संभावना अधिक होती है)

Synonyms: make susceptible, make liable, make prone

Sentence: His good manners predispose people to like him.

  1. Propriety (noun)

Meaning: the state or quality of conforming to conventionally accepted standards of behavior or morals. (औचित्य)

Synonyms: decorum, respectability, decency

Antonyms: impropriety, indecency, indecorum

Sentence: He always behaved with the utmost propriety.

  1. Rift (noun)

Meaning: a serious break in friendly relations. (अनबन)

Synonyms: breach, division, split

Antonyms: unify, unite

Sentence: Their demise caused a rift between the city’s town and gown.

  1. Unremitting (adj.)

Meaning: never relaxing or slackening; incessant. (निरंतर)

Synonyms: relentless, unrelenting, continual

Antonyms: discontinuous, noncontinuous, periodic

Sentence: The group faced unremitting hostility from the FBI.

  1. Prophesy (verb)

Meaning: say that (a specified thing) will happen in the future. (भविष्यवाणी करना)

Synonyms: predict, foretell, forecast

Sentence: Holy men were prophesying the coming of a new messiah.

  1. Scurrilous (adj.)

Meaning: making or spreading scandalous claims about someone with the intention of damaging their reputation. (मिथ्या)

Synonyms: abusive, vituperative, derogatory

Antonyms: respectful, polite, gracious

Sentence: He wrote a scurrilous piece about me in the local press.

  1. Reprisal (noun)

Meaning: an act of retaliation. (प्रतिहिंसा)

Synonyms: retaliation, counterattack, revenge

Antonyms: forgiveness, pardon, remission

Sentence: The attack was in reprisal for the kidnapping of their leaders.

  1. Swindle (noun)

Meaning: a fraudulent scheme or action. (धोखा)

Synonyms: fraud, trick, deception

Sentence: I don’t want to get involved in a swindle.

  1. Glaring (adj.)

Meaning: highly obvious or conspicuous. (स्पष्ट)

Synonyms: obvious, conspicuous, unmistakable

Antonyms: imperceptible, inconspicuous, unnoticeable

Sentence: I never saw such a glaring example of misrepresentation.

  1. Entente (noun)

Meaning: a friendly understanding or informal alliance between states or factions. (अंतंत)

Synonyms: understanding, agreement, alliance

Sentence: The two leaders signed a treaty of entente and cooperation.

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