The Hindu Editorial VOCAB:  20th April 2022

The Hindu Editorial VOCAB:  20th April 2022

In this competitive world, a strong Vocabulary will help a candidate ace learning English for competitive exams. So here we bring you The Hindu Vocab on daily basis to boost vocabulary power and help you in your preparation for the exams like Banking, Railway, Insurance, SSC, and other Government exams.


  1. Forgery (noun)

Meaning: the action of forging or producing a copy of a document, signature, banknote, or work of art. (जालसाजी)

Synonyms: counterfeiting, fraudulent copying, fraudulent imitation

Antonyms: original

Sentence: He spent 5 years in prison for forgery.

  1. Malfeasance (noun)

Meaning: wrongdoing, especially by a public official. (दुराचार)

Synonyms: misdoing, wrongdoing, crime

Sentence: In almost every section of his speech, malfeasance or illegal practices were mentioned.

  1. Discretionary (adj.)

Meaning: available for use at the discretion of the user. (वैकल्पिक)

Synonyms: optional, non-compulsory, voluntary

Antonyms: compulsory, mandatory, nonelective

Sentence: The company used to give discretionary bonus payments.

  1. Relegate (verb)

Meaning: consign or dismiss to an inferior rank or position. (बाहर निकाल देना)

Synonyms: downgrade, lower in rank, put down

Antonyms: ascent, rise, upswing

Sentence: They aim to prevent women from being relegated to a secondary role.

  1. Turncoat (noun)

Meaning: a person who deserts one party or cause in order to join an opposing one. (विश्वासघाती)

Synonyms: traitor, apostate, backstabber

Sentence: He was publicly criticized as a turncoat and a traitor.

  1. Adherent (noun)

Meaning: someone who supports a particular party, person, or set of ideas. (समर्थक)

Synonyms: supporter, upholder, votary

Antonyms: coryphaeus, leader

Sentence: She has long been an adherent of the Communist Party.

  1. Glimmer (verb)

Meaning: shine faintly with a wavering light. (जगमगाना)

Synonyms: gleam, shine, glint

Sentence: A glimmer of amusement showed in her eyes.

  1. Anachronistic (adj.)

Meaning: belonging to a period other than that being portrayed. (कालभ्रमित)

Synonyms: anachronous, antiquated, moldy

Antonyms: fresh, new, modern

Sentence: His painting style was seen as outdated and anachronistic.

  1. Remittance (noun)

Meaning: a sum of money sent, especially by mail, in payment for goods or services or as a gift. (भुगतान)

Synonyms: payment, settlement, money

Antonyms: nonpayment

Sentence: Your last month’s salary will be paid by remittance.

  1. Gesticulate (verb)

Meaning: use gestures, especially dramatic ones, instead of speaking or emphasizing one’s words. (इशारा करना)

Synonyms: signal, gesture, pantomime

Sentence: He tried to gesticulate a message.

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