The Hindu Editorial VOCAB:  20th August 2021

The Hindu Editorial VOCAB:  20th August 2021

Having a good command of Vocabulary will help you to ace many competitive exams. So here We bring you The Hindu Vocab on daily basis to boost vocab power and helps you in your preparation for exams like Banking, Railway, Insurance, SSC, and other Government exams.


  1. Plunge (verb)

Meaning: jump or dive quickly and energetically. (डुबाना)

Synonyms: sink, dive, jump

Antonyms: emerge, sore, rescue

Sentence: Our daughters whooped as they plunged into the sea.

  1. Blasphemy (noun)

Meaning: the act or offense of speaking sacrilegiously about God or sacred things; profane talk. (ईश – निंदा)

Synonyms: profanity, profaneness, sacrilege

Antonyms: adoration, glorification, worship

Sentence: He was detained on charges of blasphemy.

  1. Audacity (noun)

Meaning: a willingness to take bold risks. (धृष्टता)

Synonyms: boldness, daring, fearlessness

Antonyms: shyness, timidity, hesitancy

Sentence: Her audacity came in handy during our most recent emergency.

  1. Sanctity (noun)

Meaning: the state or quality of being holy, sacred, or saintly. (पवित्रता)

Synonyms: holiness, godliness, sacredness

Antonyms: sanctimony, godlessness, impiety

Sentence: The site of the tomb was a place of sanctity for the ancient Egyptians.

  1. Elucidated (verb)

Meaning: make (something) clear; explain. (स्पष्ट)

Synonyms: explain, make clear, clarify

Antonyms: obscured, confused, obfuscated

Sentence: Work such as theirs will help to elucidate this matter.

  1. Adroit (adj.)

Meaning: clever or skillful in using the hands or mind. (निपुण)

Synonyms: skillful, adept, dexterous

Antonyms: amateur, unprofessional, unskillful

Sentence: He was adroit at tax avoidance.

  1. Oblivious (adj.)

Meaning: not aware of or not concerned about what is happening around one. (बेख़बर)

Synonyms: unaware, unconscious, heedless

Antonyms: aware, cognizant, conscious

Sentence: She became absorbed, oblivious to the passage of time.

  1. Frivolous (adj.)

Meaning: not having any serious purpose or value. (तुच्छ)

Synonyms: flippant, glib, waggish

Antonyms: sober, unfrivolous, serious

Sentence: My mother often spends her monthly pension on frivolous purchases she never uses.

  1. Opulent (adj.)

Meaning: ostentatiously rich and luxurious or lavish. (धनी)

Synonyms: luxurious, sumptuous, palatial

Antonyms: penurious, poor, needy

Sentence: The duke built an opulent palace for himself nearby.

  1. Prosaic (adj.)

Meaning: having the style or diction of prose; lacking poetic beauty. (नीरस)

Synonyms: unimaginative, uninspired, dull

Antonyms: abnormal, exceptional, extraordinary

Sentence: Prosaic language can’t convey the experience.

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