The Hindu Editorial VOCAB:  22nd June 2021

The Hindu Editorial VOCAB:  22nd June 2021

Vocabulary forms the most important aspect of many competitive exams like Banking, Railway, Insurance, SSC, and other Government exams. So here We provide you The Hindu Vocab on daily basis to enhance vocab power and helps you in your preparation for various examinations.


  1. Tangible (adj.)

Meaning: perceptible by touch (वास्तविक)

Synonyms: touchable, palpable, tactile

Antonyms: abstract, conceptual, unreal

Sentence: We need tangible evidence if we’re going to take legal action.

  1. Decorum (noun)

Meaning: behavior in keeping with good taste and propriety (शिष्टाचार)

Synonyms: propriety, properness, decency

Antonyms: wrong, impoliteness, rudeness

Sentence: I was treated with decorum and respect throughout the investigation.

  1. Frigate (noun)

Meaning: a warship with a mixed armament, generally heavier than a destroyer (in the US Navy) and of a kind originally introduced for convoy escort work (लड़ाई का जहाज़)

Sentence: The frigate rammed the submarine.

  1. Mandate (noun)

Meaning: an official order or commission to do something (शासनादेश)

Synonyms: instruction, directive, direction

Antonyms: breach, denial, break

Sentence: A mandate to seek the release of political prisoners.

  1. Discrepancy (noun)

Meaning: a lack of compatibility or similarity between two or more facts (विसंगति)

Synonyms: inconsistency, difference, disparity

Antonyms: consistency, similarity, accord

Sentence: The discrepancy in their ages seemed not to matter.

  1. Prink (verb)

Meaning: spend time making minor adjustments to one’s appearance (सँवारना)

Synonyms: groom, tidy, beautify

Antonyms: disfigure, mess up, dull

Sentence: Girls were prinking themselves in front of the mirror.

  1. Pensive (adj.)

Meaning: engaged in, involving, or reflecting deep or serious thought.

a pensive mood  (चिंताग्रस्त)

Synonyms: thoughtful, sober, reflective

Antonyms: negligent, uncaring, ignorant

Sentence: She appeared pensive and shrugged.

  1. Incongruity (noun)

Meaning: The state of being incongruous or out of keeping (अयोग्यता)

Synonyms: inappropriateness, incongruousness, unsuitability

Antonyms: appropriate

Sentence: She was struck by the incongruity of the situation.

  1. Collude (verb)

Meaning: cooperate in a secret or unlawful way in order to deceive or gain an advantage over others (सांठगांठ)

Synonyms: combine, conspire, collaborate

Antonyms: differ, disagree, split

Sentence: He accused his opponents of colluding with one another.

  1. Exhume (verb)

Meaning: Dig out something from the ground (खोद कर निकालना)

Synonyms: dig up, unearth, discover

Antonyms: cover, bedazzle, devour

Sentence: The bodies were exhumed on the orders of a judge.

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