The Hindu Editorial VOCAB:  23rd June 2021

The Hindu Editorial VOCAB:  23rd June 2021

In this competitive world, ‘Vocabulary’ is extremely important for almost every exam like Banking, Railway, Insurance, SSC, and other Government exams so here We bring you The Hindu Vocab on daily basis to boost your vocab power and helps you in your preparation for different examinations.


  1. Primacy (noun)

Meaning: the fact of being primary, preeminent, or more important (प्रधानता)

Synonyms: priority, precedence, preference

Antonyms: insignificance, inferiority, mediocrity

Sentence: This approach gives primacy to facts.

  1. Conclave (noun)

Meaning: a private meeting (निर्वाचिका सभा)

Synonyms: gathering, assembly, conference

Antonyms: dispersal, disbandment, dispersion

Sentence: Some say it is preparation for a conclave.

  1. Botch (verb)

Meaning: carry out (a task) badly or carelessly (ढिलाई से काम करना)

Synonyms: bungle, do badly, do clumsily

Antonyms: sort out, achieve, correct

Sentence: Don’t botch up my car this time.

  1. Irked (verb)

Meaning: irritate; annoy (खफा)

Synonyms: vex, gall, rattle

Antonyms: pleased, calm, cheerful

Sentence: That was another thing that irked her.

  1. Ferocious (adj.)

Meaning: savagely fierce, cruel, or violent (क्रूर)

Synonyms: fierce, savage, untamed

Antonyms: gentle, mild, unaggressive

Sentence: The crocodiles are nature’s most ferocious and violent animal

  1. Gazette (noun)

Meaning: a journal or newspaper (राज-पत्र)

Synonyms: newspaper, paper, tabloid

Sentence: The Daily Gazette ran a story under the headline “Pope’s Last Words”.

  1. Accredit (verb)

Meaning: give credit to (someone) for something (मान्यता)

Synonyms: recognize as, credit with, attribute

Antonyms: disapprove, refuse, forbid

Sentence: The university won’t accredit students who cheat in any way.

  1. Atrocity (noun)

Meaning: an extremely wicked or cruel act, typically one involving physical violence or injury (क्रूरता)

Synonyms: act of barbarity, act of brutality, cruelty

Antonyms: kindness, generosity, mercy

Sentence: I am shocked by the atrocity of this man’s crimes.

  1. Ostensible (adj.)

Meaning: stated or appearing to be true, but not necessarily so (ख़याली)

Synonyms: apparent, seeming, outward

Antonyms: real, genuine, improbable

Sentence: The ostensible reason for his absence  was an illness, but everyone knew he’d gone to a football match

  1. Beset (verb)

Meaning: be covered or studded with (घेर लेना)

Synonyms: attack, harass, bother

Antonyms: defend, cover, protect

Sentence: As I began to teach her, I was beset by many difficulties.

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