The Hindu Editorial VOCAB:  24th August 2022

The Hindu Editorial VOCAB:  24th August 2022

Vocabulary plays a vital role in scoring good marks in the English section of various competitive exams that you can improve if you work in the right direction. So, we are providing you The Hindu Vocab on a daily basis to increase your vocabulary power, which will help you prepare for many exams like Banking, Railway, Insurance, SSC, and other government exams.


  1. Inveterate (adj.)

Meaning: having a particular habit, activity, or interest that is long-established and unlikely to change. (जिद्दी)

Synonyms: ingrained, stubborn

Antonyms: unaccustomed, unused

Sentence: The man is an inveterate liar who only rarely tells the truth.

  1. Destitute (adj.)

Meaning: lacking money or material possessions (निराश्रित)

Synonyms: penniless, penurious, pauperized

Antonyms: affluent, prosperous, opulent

Sentence: The floods left thousands of people destitute.

  1. Panegyric (noun)

Meaning: a public speech or published text in praise of someone or something. (प्रशंसात्मक)

Synonyms: accolade, citation, commendation,

Antonyms: admonition, harangue

Sentence: She delivered a panegyric on the President-elect.

  1. Retribution (noun)

Meaning: punishment inflicted on someone as vengeance for a wrong or criminal act. (प्रतिदण्ड)

Synonyms: punishment, penalty, nemesis

Antonyms: forgiveness, pardon, remission

Sentence: People are seeking retribution for the latest terrorist outrages.

  1. Dulcet (adj.)

Meaning: giving pleasure or contentment to the mind or senses (आनंदकर)

Synonyms: delightful, enjoyable, felicitous

Antonyms: unpalatable, unpleasant, disturbing

Sentence: She recorded the dulcet tones of her family and friends.

  1. Abode (noun)

Meaning: a place of residence; a house or home. (निवास)

Synonyms: home, house, residence

Sentence: They established their permanent abode here.

  1. Conscience (noun)

Meaning: an inner feeling or voice viewed as acting as a guide to the rightness or wrongness of one’s behavior. (अंतरात्मा की आवाज)

Synonyms: sense of right, moral sense, inner voice

Sentence: Her conscience told her to find the lost wallet’s owner.

  1. Seething (adj.)

Meaning: filled with or characterized by intense but unexpressed anger. (क्रोध में)

Synonyms: blazing, raging, rankling

Antonyms: cool, calmness

Sentence: He marched off, seething with frustration.

  1. Effete (adj.)

Meaning: (of a person) affected, overrefined, and ineffectual. (अशक्त)

Synonyms: affected, over-refined, ineffectual

Antonyms: undecadent, determined, mettlesome

Sentence: People said the aristocracy was effete.

  1. Allegiance (noun)

Meaning: loyalty or commitment of a subordinate to a superior or of an individual to a group or cause. (निष्ठा)

Synonyms: loyalty, faithfulness, fidelity

Antonyms: disloyalty, faithlessness, falseness

Sentence: FBI demands its employees’ absolute allegiance to this bureau.

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