The Hindu Editorial VOCAB: 26th March 2021

The Hindu Editorial VOCAB: 26th March 2021

In this competitive world, ‘Vocabulary’ plays a vital role in every exam like Banking, Railway, Insurance, SSC and other Government exams so here We provide you The Hindu Vocab on daily basis to enhance vocab power and helps you in your preparation for Govt job.


  1. Commensurate (Adj.) – Trick: Common measure

Meaning: Common in size, degree or extent (अनुरूप)

Synonyms: Proportional, Symmetrical

Antonyms: Asymmetrical, Irregular

Sentence: The pay should be commensurate with the work.

  1. Paradox (Noun) – Trick: Parade + Ox

Meaning: Someone or something that seems to conflict with one another (विरोधाभास)

Synonyms: Antinomy, Enigma, Conundrum

Antonyms: Normality, Explanation, Understanding

Sentence: It’s a paradox that in such a rich country there can be so much poverty.

  1. Seldom (Adj.) – Trick: Sel (Duracell) d0

Meaning: Not often (कभी कभी)

Synonyms: Rarely, little, Infrequently

Antonyms: Habitually, Routinely, Ordinarily

Sentence: An enemy’s mouth seldom speaks well.

  1. Aberrant (Adj) – Trick: Beer + Ant

Meaning: Departing from an accepted standard (धर्मपथ से हटनेवाला)

Synonyms: Deviant, Abnormal, Anomalous

Antonyms: Usual, Familiar, run of the mill

Sentence: His aberrant behavior requires an explanation

  1. Aggravate (Verb) – Trick: Aggressive

Meaning: Make worse (बदतर करना)

Synonyms: Annoy, Exasperate, Hassle

Antonyms: Appease, Conciliate

Sentence: Military intervention aggravated the situation in Myanmar.

  1. Intervention (Noun) – Trick: Enter + Van + Son

Meaning: The act of intervening(हस्तक्षेप)

Synonyms: Butt in, interfere, intrude, Arbitrate

Antonym: Stand by, Avoid, Eschew

Sentence: Military intervention aggravated the situation in Myanmar.

  1. Imperative (Adj.) – Trick: Important + Relative

Meaning: Not to be avoided (अनिवार्य)

Synonyms: Compulsory, Incumbent, Necessary

Antonyms: Unnecessary, Optional

Sentence: It is imperative that politicians should be good communicators.

  1. Avarice (Noun) – Trick: Waris

Meaning: Insatiable desire for wealth (लोभ)

Synonyms: Greed, Cupidity, Rapacity

Antonyms: Charity, Generous, Munificence

Sentence: Avarice blinds our eyes.

  1. Behemoth (Noun) – Trick: Mammoth

Meaning: Huge creature

Synonyms: Beast, Mammoth, Huge, Enormous

Antonyms: Wimp, Wisp, Diminutive

Sentence: The Ganga river discharged a behemoth amount of water.

  1. Trickle down

Meaning: Gradually benefit the poorest as a result of the increasing wealth of the richest (नीचे टपकाना)

Sentence: She felt the cold water trickle down through her throat.

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