The Hindu Editorial VOCAB:  29th March 2022

The Hindu Editorial VOCAB:  29th March 2022

Vocabulary is a must for candidates appearing in any competitive examination. So here we bring you The Hindu Vocab on daily basis to increase vocab power and help you in your preparation for many exams like Banking, Railway, Insurance, SSC, and other Government exams.


  1. Cavalier (adj.)

Meaning: showing a lack of proper concern; offhand. (अभिमानपूर्ण)

Synonyms: arrogant, assumptive, bumptious

Antonyms: humble, lowly, modest

Sentence: The club’s owner showed a cavalier attitude to the licensing laws.

  1. Dearth (noun)

Meaning: a scarcity or lack of something. (कमी)

Synonyms: lack, scarcity, shortage

Antonyms: abundance, adequacy, opulence

Sentence: There seems to be a dearth of good young players at the moment.

  1. Scruple (noun)

Meaning: a feeling of doubt or hesitation with regard to the morality or propriety of a course of action. (संदेह)

Synonyms: qualms, compunction, hesitation

Antonyms: assurance, certitude, confidence

Sentence: The villain made no scruple of committing murder.

  1. Quandary (noun)

Meaning: a state of perplexity or uncertainty over what to do in a difficult situation. (व्याकुलता)

Synonyms: dilemma, plight, predicament

Sentence: The government appears to be in a quandary about what to do with so many people.

  1. Abnegate (verb)

Meaning: renounce or reject (something desired or valuable). (अस्वीकार करना)

Synonyms: renounce, reject, refuse

Antonyms: adhere, accept, admit

Sentence: He attempts to abnegate personal responsibility.

  1. Throes (noun)

Meaning: intense or violent pain and struggle, especially accompanying birth, death, or great change. (पीड़ा)

Synonyms: agony, pain, paroxysm

Antonyms: comfort, peace

Sentence: The country is presently in the throes of the worst recession since the second world war.

  1. Deliverance (noun)

Meaning: the action of being rescued or set free. (मुक्ति)

Synonyms: liberation, release, freeing

Sentence: We pray for deliverance from our sins.

  1. Perfidy (noun)

Meaning: deceitfulness; untrustworthiness. (विश्वासघात)

Synonyms: treachery, duplicity, deceit

Antonyms: allegiance, constancy, devotedness

Sentence: As devotion unites lovers, so perfidy estranges friends.

  1. Cataclysmic (adj.)

Meaning: relating to or denoting a violent natural event. (दुर्घटना)

Synonyms: disastrous, catastrophic, calamitous

Antonyms: non-destructive, protective

Sentence: These countries are on the brink of cataclysmic famine.

  1. Slipshod (adj.)

Meaning: (typically of a person or method of work) characterized by a lack of care, thought, or organization. (असावधानीपूर्ण)

Synonyms: careless, lackadaisical, slapdash

Antonyms: attentive, careful, conscientious

Sentence: He’d caused many problems with his slipshod management.

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