The Hindu Editorial VOCAB:  30th December 2021

The Hindu Editorial VOCAB:  30th December 2021

In this competitive world, ‘Vocabulary’ is extremely important for almost every exam like Banking, Railway, Insurance, SSC, and other Government exams so here We bring you The Hindu Vocab on daily basis to boost your vocab power and help you in your preparation for different examinations.


  1. Efficacious (adj.)

Meaning: (of something inanimate or abstract) successful in producing a desired or intended result; effective. (प्रभावोत्पादक)

Synonyms: effective, successful, effectual

Antonyms: fruitless, ineffective, ineffectual

Sentence: Example is always more efficacious than precept.

  1. Reticent (adj.)

Meaning: not revealing one’s thoughts or feelings readily. (मौन रहने वाला)

Synonyms: reserved, withdrawn, introverted

Antonyms: communicative, open, frank

Sentence: She was extremely reticent about her personal affairs.

  1. Prevaricating (verb)

Meaning: speak or act in an evasive way. (पूर्ववर्ती)

Synonyms: be evasive, hedge, fence

Antonyms: assert, swear, testify

Sentence: He seemed to prevaricate when journalists asked pointed questions.

  1. Annulment (noun)

Meaning: the act of annulling something. (रद्द करना)

Synonyms: invalidation, nullification, voiding

Antonyms: enactment, legislation, establishment

Sentence: Continued absence of one party may also justify annulment.

  1. Berate (verb)

Meaning: scold or criticize (someone) angrily. (डांटना या आलोचना करना)

Synonyms: rebuke, reprimand, reproach

Antonyms: approve, endorse, praise

Sentence: As he left the meeting, he was berated by angry demonstrators.

  1. Asinine (adj.)

Meaning: extremely stupid or foolish. (नासमझ)

Synonyms: stupid, foolish, brainless

Antonyms: judicious, prudent, sagacious

Sentence: It was asinine to run into the street like that

  1. Affronted (verb)

Meaning: offend the modesty or values of. (अपमानित)

Synonyms: insult, offend, outrage

Antonyms: acclaimed, applauded, praised

Sentence: Her speech affronted all of us.

  1. Unaccustomed (adj.)

Meaning: not familiar or usual; out of the ordinary. (अनभ्यस्त)

Synonyms: unusual, unfamiliar, uncommon

Antonyms: common, ordinary, usual

Sentence: The unaccustomed exercise left him breathless. promiscuous

  1. Fidelity (noun)

Meaning: faithfulness to a person, cause, or belief, demonstrated by continuing loyalty and support. (सत्य के प्रति निष्ठा)

Synonyms: loyalty, allegiance, obedience

Antonyms: disloyalty, perfidy, treachery

Sentence: I had to promise fidelity to the Queen.

  1. Subsist (verb)

Meaning: maintain or support oneself, especially at a minimal level. (गुजारा करना)

Synonyms: survive, endure, stay alive

Antonyms: perish, die, expire

Sentence: Thousands of refugees subsist on international handouts.

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