The Hindu Editorial VOCAB:  30th March 2022

The Hindu Editorial VOCAB:  30th March 2022

It is inevitable to work on English Vocabulary if you are preparing for any competitive exams like Banking, Railway, Insurance, SSC, and other Government exams. So here We bring you The Hindu Vocab on daily basis to boost vocab power and help you in your preparation for different examinations.


  1. Detrimental (adj.)

Meaning: tending to cause harm. (हानिकारक)

Synonyms: harmful, detrimental, noxious

Antonyms: harmless, hurtless, innocent

Sentence: Moving her could have a detrimental effect on her health.

  1. Disgruntled (adj.)

Meaning: angry or dissatisfied. (असंतुष्ट)

Synonyms: dissatisfied, discontent, aggrieved

Antonyms: content, pleased, satisfied

Sentence: Disgruntled employees recently called for his resignation.

  1. Piety (noun)

Meaning: the quality of being religious or reverent. (धर्मनिष्ठा)

Synonyms: devoutness, devotion, piousness

Antonyms: atheism, godlessness, unholiness

Sentence: This is clearly a work of filial piety.

  1. Valorous (adj.)

Meaning: showing great courage in the face of danger, especially in battle. (वीरतापूर्ण)

Synonyms: bold, brave, courageous

Antonyms: coward, ungallant, unheroic

Sentence: The warriors were very valorous in the battle.

  1. Corollary (noun)

Meaning: a proposition that follows from (and is often appended to) one already proved. (परिणाम)

Synonyms: conclusion, aftereffect, consequence

Antonyms: cause, occasion, reason

Sentence: The huge increases in unemployment were the corollary of expenditure cuts.

  1. Perversity (noun)

Meaning: a deliberate desire to behave in an unreasonable or unacceptable way; contrariness. (प्रतिकूलता)

Synonyms: contrariness, perverseness, awkwardness

Antonyms: amiability, serenity

Sentence: She’s marrying him out of sheer perversity.

  1. Rapacious (adj.)

Meaning: aggressively greedy or grasping. (लालची)

Synonyms: grasping, greedy, avaricious

Antonyms: satisfied, stuffed, generous

Sentence: Hawks and other rapacious birds prey on a variety of small animals.

  1. Laggard (noun)

Meaning: a person who makes slow progress and falls behind others. (सुस्त)

Synonyms: straggler, loiterer, sluggard

Antonyms: expeditious, scrambler

Sentence: Bhutan has been a laggard in securing alternative energy resources overseas.

  1. Eerie (adj.)

Meaning: strange and frightening. (भयानक)

Synonyms: uncanny, sinister, ghostly

Antonyms: normal, ordinary, usual

Sentence: I walked down the eerie dark path.

  1. Rectitude (noun)

Meaning: morally correct behavior or thinking; righteousness. (इंसाफ)

Synonyms: righteousness, goodness, virtue

Antonyms: evil, immorality, iniquity

Sentence: Maddie is a model of rectitude.

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