The Hindu Editorial VOCAB : 3rd July 2020

The Hindu Editorial VOCAB : 3rd July 2020

In this competitive world, ‘Vocabulary‘ plays a vital role in every exam. Banking , Railway, Insurance, SSC and other Government exams so here We provides you The Hindu Vocabulary on daily basis to enhance vocabulary power and helps you in your preparation for Govt job.

  1. DISCLOSURE (NOUN): (प्रकटीकरण)

Synonyms: acknowledgement, confession 

Antonyms: concealment, secret 

Example: Owing to the disclosure of some of its secrets, the organisations became liberalised. 


Synonyms: unrestricted, elective 

Antonyms:  non-discretionary, restricted

Example: We have now the discretionary power for the recruitment. 

  1. ANONYMITY (NOUN): (अनामिता)

Synonyms: namelessness, ambiguity 

Antonyms:  lucidity, certainty 

Example: Alpa wants herself anonymity. 

  1. RELUCTANCE (NOUN): (अनिच्छा)

Synonyms: hesitancy, objection 

Antonyms:  acceptance, allowance 

Example: Ramesh tossed in a hint of reluctance

  1. SIMPLETON (NOUN) 🙁मूर्ख

Synonyms: buffoon, jerk 

Antonyms: brain, genius 

Example: Raja is a simpleton boy and tries to make everybody around him laugh. 

  1. CLANNISH (ADJECTIVE): (औपचारिक)

Synonyms: selected, reserved 

Antonyms: welcoming, open 

  1. SATANIC (ADJECTIVE): (शैतान)

Synonyms: cruel, maniacal 

Antonyms: angelic, good 

Example: His Mother’s satanic remark stung deeply and brought the boy to tears. 

  1. TITULAR (ADJECTIVE): (नाममात्र का)

Synonyms: nominal, so-called 

Antonyms: actual, real 

Example: Raja always refused any titular distinction; but he was credited by many.

  1. SPECKLE (ADJECTIVE): (कलंक)

Synonyms: flecked, mottled 

Antonyms: plain, simple 

Example: The valley was speckled with flowers. 

  1. RUSE (NOUN):(धोखा)

Synonyms: gimmick, ploy

Antonyms: honesty, openness

Example: It was a ruse to bring him there. need your support to Grow

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