The Hindu Editorial VOCAB: 4th September 2021

The Hindu Editorial VOCAB: 4th September 2021

In this competitive world, ‘Vocabulary’ is extremely important for almost every exam like Banking, Railway, Insurance, SSC, and other Government exams so here We bring you The Hindu Vocab on daily basis to boost your vocab power and helps you in your preparation for different examinations.


  1. Beset (verb)

Meaning: be covered or studded with (घेर लेना)

Synonyms: attack, harass, bother

Antonyms: defend, cover, protect

Sentence: Our troops were beset by enemy fire.

  1. Errant (adj.)

Meaning: traveling in search of adventure. (भटकनेवाला)

Synonyms: traveling, wandering, itinerant

Antonyms: motionless, still, immobile

Sentence: She went to Paris to bring back her errant son.

  1. Shoddy (adj.)

Meaning: badly made or done. (तुच्छ)

Synonyms: poor-quality, inferior, cheap

Antonyms: excellent, fine, first-class

Sentence: I’m normally quick to complain about shoddy service.

  1. Scruffy (adj.)

Meaning: shabby and untidy or dirty (मैला-कुचैला)

Synonyms: shabby, worn, shoddy

Antonyms: smart, tidy, clean

Sentence: The town is scruffy and unappealing.

  1. Grievances (noun)

Meaning: a real or imagined wrong or other cause for complaint or protest, especially unfair treatment (शिकायत)

Synonyms: injustice, unjust act, wrong

Antonyms: acclaim, applause, praises

Sentence: They represented their grievances to the Governor.

  1. Hooliganism (noun)

Meaning:  violent or rowdy behavior by young troublemakers, typically in a gang (उपद्रव)

Synonyms: evil, immorality, sin

Antonyms: goodness

Sentence: He committed hooliganism even under the watchful eyes of the people.

  1. Feeble (adj.)

Meaning: lacking physical strength, especially as a result of age or illness. (कमज़ोर)

Synonyms: weak, puny, frail

Antonyms: mighty, powerful, rugged

Sentence: He was a feeble, helpless old man.

  1. Trivialize (verb)

Meaning: make (something) seem less important or significant (महत्वहीन)

Synonyms: underestimate, undervalue, devalue

Antonyms: overstate, maximize, flatter

Sentence: It is important not to trivialize children’s worries.

  1. Vicinity (noun)

Meaning:  the area near or surrounding a particular place (आस-पास)

Synonyms: surroundings, neighborhood, locality

Antonyms: distance, remoteness, far

Sentence: The stolen car was found in the vicinity of the station.

  1. Manifold (adj.)

Meaning: many and various (विविध)

Synonyms: many, numerous, multiple

Antonyms: one, single, less

Sentence: The City Council has a manifold plan to beautify the city.

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