Last Minute Tips for Attempting SBI Mains Exams

Last Minute Tips for Attempting SBI Mains Exams: 

As it is 11th hour for diving into one of the biggest, trickiest and important exams for candidates- one and only questions that comes in every individuals mind is — “How to attempt SBI Mains? Can anybody give me Time Management Tips.”

All those candidates are essentially required to through all below mentioned tips. This is an expert tips which will definitely boost your confidence and kill your doubts!

* Never go in SBI main exam with pre-determined mode. As cricketing seasons were high on air thus try to understand with similar type of example. SBI Exams now-a-days are very dynamic, you can ‘t predict and thus candidates should never go with pre-determined shots selection. Make a Plan, not fix a plan. If you have already decided that 20 questions in quantitative are must for cracking the exams, there is possibility this time only 10-12 correct solution will able to let candidates cross the hurdle. So, don’t stick with your plan, it will definitely lead your time wastage. Try to take the exam as an extempore.

* Candidates should never get panicked throughout the exam. Be calm and compose and read the question carefully. Never be in hurry for ticking the right answer.

* Candidates must attempt those questions for which they are fully confident. Avoid marking the random guesses. Not getting negative marks is equally important with Scoring positive marks. Never attempt the question with 100% guess. If any question is not clear immediately move to another one.

* Exam is all about competitive among all candidates, it is not subjective so candidates has to score 50% or 60% in every section. Simply, scoring the marks with only those questions for which you are confident will definitely be game changer. It never depends on the fixed scoring marks. Most of the times, it depends on the level of exams. Tougher the level of exam, lower will be the scoring marks.

*Finally if you want to clear exam then dont give up in middle of the exam.

A whole gist of full narration is that, GO Ahead for exams with calm attitude, never get panicked and hit the exams with most accuracy!


i)Always try to avoid the repetition of sentences in your essay because this may impact the bad impression of your writing skills.

ii) Try to simple words in essay.

iii) Try to divide your essay into at least 3-4 paragraphs.

(a) The first paragraph should be the introduction part where you go for general discussion about the topic.
(b) The body of the essay should be divided into at least 2 paragraphs.
(c) The last paragraph should be the conclusion.


1. Introduction:- This should contain a brief introduction of the topic with an explain the background of the topic. Use this section also to briefly mention your view on the topic before elaborating on that in the Middle part of paragraphs.

2. Mid part of paragraphs :- The body paragraphs (or the middle paragraphs) are used to present ones point of view on the subject in a detailed manner. You should restrict the number of paragraphs here to 2 or 3. The purpose of the body is to list out in detail the examples that support your view. It is always advised to put forth your strongest argument first followed by the second strongest one and so on. Each paragraph should contain one idea and sentences supporting it.

3. Conclusive It should not be just a clubbing of statements. Your essay/letter should make sense for the reader.

All the best for your Exam
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