Tips for JAIIB/CAIIB Exam prepared by Professional Bankers working is SBI

Tips for JAIIB/CAIIB Exam prepared by Professional Bankers working is SBI:

Dear Bankers, presented CAIIB Online Mock Tests for those Bankers who all are seriously preparing for Indian Institute of Banking and Finance (IIBF) exam. Here is guide to what is JAIIB and CAIIB.

  1. JAIIB and CAIIB are flagship courses offered by IIBF. First you will have to take membership of IIBF. Then only you can appear for JAIIB/CAIIB.
  2. After taking the membership, first you have to clear JAIIB. Once you do that you can sit for CAIIB (JAIIB is a precondition for CAIIB). For example if you clear JAIIB in May, then in November you can appear for CAIIB.
  3. The exam is held twice every year – Once in May and once in November.
  4. JAIIB has 3 papers – Principles and practices of banking, Accounting and Finance for bankers and Legal and regulatory aspects of banking of 100 marks each. 1st and 3rd is basically theoritical and will help you a lot even in the day to day work. Being from non commerce background i found the 2nd book a little challenging.
  5. CAIIB also has 3 papers – 2 compulsory : advance bank management, bank financial management and 1 optional out of Retail banking/ human resource management /rural banking /co-operative banking /Information technology / Risk management /Corporate banking / Treasury management/ Financial advising/ international banking of 100 marks each. I opted for Retail banking since its more useful for daily banking (plus its very easy). Here also being from a non commerce background i found the 2nd book challenging.
  6. Clearing JAIIB and CAIIB , will earn you increments (in most of the public sector banks, and also in RBI) and hence fetch you an increased salary. In some banks even for promotion, there is some weightage for CAIIB. (Also it will have a positive affect on your interviewer !) It will enhance your knowledge which intern will help you even in your day to day work .
  7. Mock Tests– However since the banking industry is changing at a rapid pace so you will have to update some figures online only.
  8. Preparation strategy – The exams are held on consecutive Sundays , that means you will get 1 week gap between 2papers. If there is some topic which you are not understanding at all, there is no harm in skipping it (but make sure its just some topics!). I skipped some numerical portion in bank financial management.Remember we have to clear the exam, not score 100%.
  9. What not to do – please dont try to mug up things, or try shortcut methods like reading mcqs or not studying at all!

We would suggest try to clear the exams as soon as possible because when we are new in bank, we have this habit of studying, so i feel the task becomes easier.

Trust me its not difficult at all. Study to understand the concepts and i promise you will not only clear the exams but will enjoy the knowledge you gain.

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