Vostok -2022,a multilateral exercise begins in Russia

Vostok -2022, a multilateral exercise begins in Russia

Many countries conduct and participate in various kinds of Army, Navy and Air Force exercises with each other. It helps in the improvement of coordination among countries. These exercises become the most important part of the current affairs section.  Recently a new exercise named Vostok 2022 is going to begin. In this article we are going to discuss this exercise.

A multilateral exercise named Vostok-2022 is conducting in Russia from 1st September to 7th September 2022. India and other countries are also participating in the Vostok 2022 exercise. Russia is hosting this exercise. The India Army cognizant consists of troops from ⅞ Gorkha Rifles is going to participate in this multilateral exercise hosting by Russia. The United States showed its unwillingness and criticised India to participate in an exercise conducted in Russia because of the ongoing disturbance between Russia and other states with respect to Russia’s war against Ukraine. 

Other important details:

It is a multilateral exercise in which India, Russia, countries from Collective Security Treaty Organization, countries from Shanghai Cooperation Organization, Algeria,Armenia,  Azerbaijan,Belarus,

Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan,China,Laos,

Mongolia, Nicaragua,Syria and Tajikistan are the participants according to the official data about this exercise. 

The Indian Army Cognizant, consisting of Gorkha Rifles, is taking part in the Vostok 2022 multilateral exercise. The Chinese People’s Liberation Army is also taking part in this exercise. According to the statement provided by Russia this exercise is going to be conducted in two phases.

In this exercise there will be many joint manoeuvres that will be undertaken by the Indian Army. These tasks include field training exercise, combat discussion, and fire power exercise, according to the official of the Indian Army. 

US Stand:

The United States criticised India for taking part in the Vostok 2022 because it is being conducted in Russia. The world is all aware of the disagreement and tension between Russia and Ukraine and many countries Including US have taken stand for Ukraine and criticised Russia for its act of war against Ukraine. 

Even many countries have agreed to sanction Russia for many services. It is hampering Russia’s speed of growth and impacting the economy. Many countries including the US are in favour of this decision. 

Now in this situation it is obvious for the US to criticize India for taking part in Vostok 2022 which is being started in Russia. We have to wait and watch the further reaction to this criticism and what has India for its stand. 


The Vostok 2022 exercise is going to be held in Russia and it will end on 7th September 2022. Two powerful countries India and China are going to take part in this exercise together. It is a multilateral exercise involving approximately 17 nations.

Questions And Answers:

Q1. What is the name of the exercise in which India is going to participate?

Ans. Vostok 2022. 

Q2. Which country is going to host this exercise?

Ans. Russia.

Q3. How many nations are going to participate in this exercise?

Ans. 17 nations.

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