Best Strategy To Pass JAIIB June 2022 Exam in last 24 days

Last 24 Days Best Strategy To Pass JAIIB June 2022 Exam


Every year, the Indian Institute of Banking and Finance (IIBF) holds the JAIIB (Junior Associate of the Indian Institute of Banking and Finance) exam for professionals in the banking and finance field. The Indian Institute of Banking and Finance (IIBF) holds its flagship examination twice a year.

If you work in the banking and finance sector, passing the JAIIB exam has numerous advantages. One of them is, that you will receive one increment if you pass the JAIIB Examination.

This flagship examination is divided into three papers, each of which is further divided into modules and chapters. JAIIB Exam has comprised three papers: Principles and Practices of Banking (PPB), Accounting and Finance for Bankers (AFB), and Legal and Regulatory Aspects of Banking (LRAB).

Paper-1 called Principle and Practices of Banking is divided into five modules from A to E. Paper-2 called Accounting and Finance for the bankers is divided into four modules from A to D. Paper-3 called Legal and Regulatory Aspects of Banking is also divided into four modules.


As you are all aware, the examinations are approaching, and there is very little time left to prepare. So here we will tell you how you should prepare in these 23-24 days. Those who have been doing their preparation already, have to keep their preparation continuous or if you are starting your preparation, then you should go through our JAIIB MAHACOMBO Package where everything is available through which you will be able to clear the examination in your first attempt. If you are thinking of starting your preparation now, then you should take this JAIIB MAHACOMBO Package definitely. This course will surely help you clear the examination in these 23-24 days.

We AmbitiousBaba have created a 24 days study plan to help you prepare effectively in less time.

  • If we talk about PPB only, then we recommend you to give it about 12-13 days, and
  • for AFB you have to give about 7-8 days for preparation. See, it depends on you how much preparation you have for which paper. So, you can divide this a little by yourself.
  • In the current 25 days, you have to give 5 days to the LRAB, then you have to cover the rest of the LRAB in the gap that will come between your papers.

In Paper 1-PPB: if you complete modules A and B, then your maximum question will be covered by this. You can easily clear the exam by covering Modules A, B, and D. First, you should cover module B, then cover module A, then you’ll cover module D, and then cover module C or E whatever else you want to cover. Bancassurance & IRDA, Factoring & Forfaiting, Risk Management, Basel Accords, and BCSBI are the most important chapters of Module A. But we will say that you should try your best to cover modules A and B completely.

In Paper 2AFB, Model D is a complete theory, and many of these topics will be similar to what you have studied in Paper 1. If you are good in theory then first cover model D and if you are good in the accounting part then you should cover module A first. You have to cover all the chapters of Module A completely. If you have time then try to complete Model B and if you do not have time then cover these important chapters; Accounting standards, Trial Balance, BRS, and Basic Accounting Procedure.

In Paper 3- LRAB, you will find many common topics from PPB. Modules C and D are the most significant in Paper 3. First of all, you should cover module D, from here you will get a lot of direct questions in the examination. In module C you will get many topics similar to Paper 1, so it will be easy for you to cover. Then you have to cover module B and if there is time left then cover module A completely if there is no time then cover these 2 topics; PSB & Cooperative Bank and Merger & Acquisition.


Candidates can cover all these topics from our JAIIB MAHACOMBO Package. You will be provided with the best video lectures, mock test series, and capsule PDFs in this JAIIB MAHACOMBO Package. The topics which we have told you, first you have to watch their video lectures from our JAIIB MAHACOMBO Package, and then you have to give mock tests. It is crucial to give mock tests at this time.

Everything you need to pass Paper 1, Paper 2, and Paper 3 is available in this JAIIB MAHACOMBO Package. Full video lectures are available, Mock Test Series are available, Unit Wise Mock Test, as well as Full-Length Mock Tests, are also available. Now there is no time, and you know the competition is high. So, without wasting time take this JAIIB MAHACOMBO Package as soon as possible, because now is not the time to read the whole book. We assure you that with the assistance of our JAIIB MAHACOMBO Package, you will definitely pass the examination in the first time.


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