CAIIB Exam 2023 : New changes and guidelines by IIBF

CAIIB Exam 2023 : New changes by IIBF

Information and operational guidelines in respect of new set of questions ‘Questions without options’ from November/December 2023 CAIIB examination.

As mentioned in the “Rules and Syllabus” of CAIIB examination, IIBF introduced a new question type
“Questions without options” from the June 2023 CAIIB examinations.
The new question type was first administered in the question paper “Bank Financial Management”
(BFM), in June 2023 examinations. From the upcoming CAIIB examination, to be held in
November/December 2023, such type of questions will be introduced in all the four compulsory
subjects of CAIIB:
1. Advanced Bank Management (ABM)
2. Bank Financial Management (BFM)
3. Advanced Business & Financial Management (ABFM)
4. Banking Regulations & Business Laws (BRBL)

i. Some questions of this type will be administered in all the above mentioned subjects. The
questions will be diverse and will cover some/all the modules in the subject.
ii. Each such question will carry ‘One mark’ like other questions.
iii. These questions will not be in the MCQ format i.e. no answer options will be provided.
iv. After every question, a response box will be provided for keying in the answers.
v. The candidate will have to key-in the response for each of such questions.
vi. Candidate will be required to only use ‘Virtual keyboard’ in-built into the system to key in the numbers /sign.
vii. These questions will be numerical in nature/have numerals as the answer. The candidate will be required to key in numbers (0 to 9) along with appropriate prefix. If answer is negative, it should be preceded by ‘-’ sign.
viii. The ‘-’ sign wherever applicable should precede the number. For example, if the correct answer is -27, in the response box, the candidate has to key in ‘-’ sign first followed by 27, i.e. the answer should be shown as -27.
ix. In case the candidate has to provide the answer in decimals, he/she will have to key in the required number of digits after the decimal (.) sign, as specified in the question.
In case the number of decimal places are specified in the question itself, the candidate will be required to round off to the next higher digit:
For example, if answer to be given in 2 decimal places 8.7678 will be keyed in as 8.77, 8.7623
will be 8.76.
If answer to be given in 4 decimal places 5.45678 will be keyed in 5.4568
x. Candidate can key-in only numbers, ‘-’ signs or (.) decimal point. No alphabet and other
character/s like comma (,), underscore (_) or hyphen (-) will be accepted.
xi. After keying-in the response, the candidate will have to save the answer by clicking the “Save” button before moving to the next question. If the candidate does not click on the “Save” button, the response keyed-in by the candidate will not be saved and consequently, the question concerned will be considered “not attempted”.

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New changes and guidelines by IIBF for CAIIB

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