How to use who, what or which?

How to use who, what or which?

Team Ambitiousbaba and AB are here with a Grammer series. In this series, candidates will be introduced to Basic Grammer and this will help you in improving your grammar, which will improve your score in the English section in the competitive examinations. Today’s Grammer topic is How to use who, what or which?

A. What or which?

We can use what or which before a noun.
What sport do you play?
What books do you read?

Which way do we go here?
Which finger did you break?

We use what when there is a wide choice of possible answers.
We ask What sport? because there are lots of different sports.

We use which when there is a limited number of possible answers.
We ask Which way? because there are only two or three ways to go.

After which we sometimes say the possible answers.
Which cafe did you go to, Snoopy’s, the Coffee Pot or the Tea Gardens?
Which phone shall I use, this one or the one in the office?

Sometimes what and which are both possible.
What day/Which day is your evening class?
What train/Which train will you catch?
What platform/Which platform does the train go from?
What part/Which part of Italy are you from?

B. Patterns with who, what and which

We can use who, what and which without a noun.
Who sent the fax?
What do you think of our plan?
Which is quicker, the bus or the train?

We can use what and which before a noun, but not who.
Which secretary sent the fax? NOT Who secretary sent the fax?

We can use which with one or ones, or with of.
You can have a photo. Which one would you like?
You can have some of the photos. Which ones would you like?
Which of these photos would you like?
But we cannot use who or what before of.
Which of the secretaries? but NOT Who of the secretaries?

Who always means a person.
Who did you see? (a person)

What usually means a thing. It can mean a person only when it comes before a noun.
What did you see? (a thing)
What doctor/What film did you see? (a person or a thing)

Which can mean a person or a thing.
Which doctor/film did you see? (a person or a thing)

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