IBPS Clerk English Language Quiz – 4

IBPS Clerk English Language Quiz

English Language is a part of almost all major competitive exams in the country and is perhaps the most scoring section also. Aspirants who regularly practice questions have a good chance of scoring well in the English Language Section. So here we are providing you with the IBPS Clerk English Language Quiz to help you prepare better. This IBPS Clerk English Language Quiz includes all of the most recent pattern-based questions, as well as Previous Year Questions. This IBPS Clerk English Language Quiz is available to you at no cost. Candidates will be provided with a detailed explanation of each question in this IBPS Clerk English Language Quiz. Candidates must practice this IBPS Clerk English Language Quiz to achieve a good score in the English Language Section.

Directions (1-5): Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions given below it. Certain words are given in bold to help you locate them while answering some of the questions.

Paragraph 1: Afghanistan experienced remarkable economic growth for about 10 years leading up to 2012. Average economic growth was recorded at 9.4 percent annually in the period from 2003 to 2012. Per capita income increased more than threefold over the same period, growing from a mere $200 to $670. Since 2012, however, economic growth has dropped to an average yearly rate of 2.6 percent, with per capita income falling to an estimated $590 in 2017. As a result of this economic slowdown, the poverty rate increased from 36 percent in 2011-12 to 39.1 percent in 2013-14. The World Bank expects that poverty will prove to have further sharply increased through 2017, though the results of the latest household survey (2016-17) are yet to be released by the government.

Paragraph 2: The period from 2012 to 2014, which marked a turnaround in the economic performance of the country, coincided with a number of important developments. First, security responsibilities were transferred from international security troops to Afghan forces. This security transition started in 2012 and concluded in 2014. Second, as a result of the security transition, overall foreign aid is estimated to have declined from an annual average of $ 12.5 billion over 2009-2012 to around $8.8 billion in 2015. Third, a political transition also took place in 2014, where the election process leading to the establishment of the National Unity Government lasted for about six months. While the decline in foreign aid since 2012 may have well contributed to the slowdown in economic growth, it’s not the only factor. The low economic recovery since the conclusion of the security and political transition in 2014 seems to be suggesting that political developments are exerting a substantial impact on the economy.

Paragraph 3: The Survey of Afghan People indicates that the percentage share of people who are optimistic about the country’s situation has fallen since its peak in 2013 to a record low in 2016. Likewise, the percentage share of people who think that things in the country are going in the wrong direction has increased since 2013 reaching a record high in 2016. Though these two indicators show the public’s perception of the current state of affairs, they also reflect the public’s confidence in future outcomes. A decrease in public optimism reflects increased uncertainty in the country. Further, the Political Stability Index of the World Governance Indicators has fallen to the lowest level since 2003.

Paragraph 4: Uncertainty suppresses business sentiments and affects consumer confidence. The uncertainty that has been built up since the start of the security and transition process in 2012 and has subsequently been fueled by growing insecurity has significantly lowered economic growth in Afghanistan. It seems that the high growth experienced prior to 2014 will likely be difficult to achieve, unless the security environment improves and political stability is strengthened. Economic policy at times of political uncertainty is often ineffective, and does not lead to desired outcomes. Thus, a policy response in dire economic situations does not remain limited to only pure economic policy measures but should also include political resolutions and initiatives. Decisions which lead to exacerbating political instability must be avoided. Rather than investing political capital into decisions that weaken political stability and increase uncertainty, it should be invested into policy initiatives that help restore confidence in the economy.


Paragraph 5: Further, it is important that the government maintain realistic expectations around what and how much it can do to bring about growth, generate employment, and reduce poverty. The government needs to ensure that policy measures are designed based on realistic projections for economic growth, rather than overly optimistic growth forecasts. This helps policy measures achieve their expected results, and ensures that economic management remains sound and effective. It may also help avoid unintended adverse distributional impacts of policy measures. Finally, communicating realistic growth expectations and delivering achievable promises to the public would help build credibility for public policy. Credibility is found to be the single most important factor for the effectiveness of economic policy.

  1. What conclusion can be derived from paragraph 1 regarding economic performance of Afghanistan?

(a) The economic stability is dependent on various terms like poverty, per capita income etc.
(b) There is uncertainty in economic situation of the country.
(c) The government of Afghanistan has been negligent in its economic progress.
(d) Per capita income is fixed and does change from time to time.
(e) All of these

Answer & Explanation
Ans. b

Exp.  As mentioned in the first paragraph that there was surge in country’s economy upto the year 2012 and after that there has been an economic fall down. From this we can conclude that there is uncertainty in the economic outcome of the country.

  1. Political stability plays a major role in the economic development of the country. How it can be stated?

(I) Decision making capacity get affected due to political instability of the country.
(II) Political stability results to business confidence through rise in investments.
(III) The economic policy for the development of the country will be effective if the country is politically stable.

(a) Only (I)
(b) Only (II)
(c) Both (I) and (III)
(d) Both (II) and (III)
(e) All are correct

Answer & Explanation
Ans. d

Exp. We can infer from fourth paragraph of the passage that political instability results to lack in business confidence and ineffective economic policy. Hence Political stability plays a major role in the economic development of the country.

  1. Which is the appropriate title of the passage?

(a) The Survey of Afghan People
(b) The Pre- 2014 Boom Time of Afghanistan
(c) The challenges of Afghanistan
(d) The struggle of Afghanistan for economic growth.
(e) Political uncertainty affecting Afghanistan’s economy

Answer & Explanation
Ans. d

Exp. “The struggle of Afghanistan for economic growth.” is an appropriate title of the passage.

Directions (4): Choose the word which is most similar in meaning of the word printed in bold in context of the passage.

  1. Dire

(a) fester
(b) appalling
(c) repeal
(d) allude
(e) inundate

Answer & Explanation
Ans. b

Exp. Dire means extremely serious or urgent. Hence it has same meaning as appalling.

Directions (5): Choose the word which is most opposite in meaning of the word printed in bold in context of the passage:

  1. Adverse

(a) covet
(b) nuance
(c) beneficial
(d) ambiguous
(e) humongous

Answer & Explanation
Ans. c

Exp. Adverse means preventing success or development; harmful; unfavourable. Hence it has opposite meaning as beneficial.

Directions (6-10): In the following questions, a sentence is divided into five parts with last part of each sentence is highlighted in bold suggesting the grammatically correct part of the sentence. Out of the four other parts, choose the part of the sentence which contains grammatical or contextual error in it. If the given sentence is both grammatically correct and contextually meaningful, choose option (e) i.e., “No error” as your answer.

  1. They were tough times/ and it was tougher for/ the curator so as to keep/ the venue in a/ decent shape to/ host big matches.

(a) They were tough times
(b) and it was tougher for

(c) the curator so as to keep
(d) the venue in a
(e) decent shape to

Answer & Explanation
Ans. c

Exp. Replace ‘the curator so as to keep’ with ‘the curator to keep’.

‘so as’ is not required in the sentence and removing it will correct the sentence.

  1. Gayle, playing his first game/ of the season, smashed his/ second fastest IPL fifty, on 22 balls, / to lay the foundation/ for KXIP’s thrilling four-run win over/ Chennai Super Kings on Sunday night.
    (a) of the season, smashed his
    (b) second fastest IPL fifty, on 22 balls,
    (c) to lay the foundation
    (d) for KXIP’s thrilling four-run win over
    (e) Chennai Super Kings on Sunday night

Answer & Explanation
Ans. b

Exp. The correct phrase should be ‘second fastest IPL fifty, off 22 balls; in 22 balls’

Use of ‘on’ for scoring runs from a particular number of balls is incorrect.

  1. Setting outstanding credit card debt by/ accepting the settlement offer made/ by the company to customers who can’t pay/ their bill is actually a very disadvantageous/ proposition for the customer, / according to fintech firm Qbera.

(a) Setting outstanding credit card debt by
(b) accepting the settlement offer made
(c) by the company to customers who can’t pay
(d) their bill is actually a very disadvantageous
(e) proposition for the customer

Answer & Explanation
Ans. a

Exp. The statement is about settling of credit card dues therefore ‘setting’ in the first part of the sentence needs to be replaced by ‘settling’.

  1. In a statement issued to the/ stock exchanges on Monday, / the bank said that the capital market regulator/ had asked clarifications from/ the bank and that it had/ responded to the queries.

(a) In a statement issued to the
(b) stock exchanges on Monday,
(c) had asked clarifications from
(d) the bank and that it had
(e) responded to the queries

Answer & Explanation
Ans. c

Exp. had sought clarifications from; had asked for clarifications from. ‘For’ is needed after ‘asked’.

  1. He said his force/ had conducted joint exercises/ with the United States and France as/ part of its capacity-building/ effort and that it had/ countered 115 terrorist attacks.

(a) had conducted joint exercises
(b) with the United States and France as
(c) part of its capacity-building
(d) effort and that it had
(e) countered 115 terrorist attacks

Answer & Explanation
Ans. d

Exp. Joint exercise is just a part of capacity-building efforts. It shows that there are many other initiatives for capacity building efforts which proves that ‘efforts’ must be plural therefore use of only ‘effort’ in the sentence is incorrect and it should be replaced with ‘efforts’.

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