LIC ADO vs LIC AAO : Job, Salary, Career growth Comparison

LIC ADO vs LIC AAO : Job, Salary, Career growth Comparison 

In insurance sector a big organisation Life Insurance company limited (LIC) is announced huge number vacancies for LIC AAO and LIC ADO both. but many aspirants confused about the job profile, salary and career growth of both jobs. so here we came out with the detailed comparison between LIC AAO and LIC ADO recruitment 2019. in this article are covering all the aspects regarding LIC AAO and LIC ADO post.

The 2 most popular job posts in LIC are LIC AAO and LIC ADO. Both are amazing career options, but which one is best for you? To answer this, we are providing a competitive job comparison between LIC AAO vs LIC ADO on the basis of salary, job description, career growth, perks and benefits and work environment. We hope our analysis between LIC AAO vs LIC ADO will help you decide among them.

Work Environment

Work Environment and pressure for LIC AAO

LIC AAO need to complete daily quote of paper work that involves filing and double checking documents like policies, claims, settlements, accounts etc.  Unless and until there is an audit session, AAO is a cool going position.

Work Environment and pressure for LIC ADO

An LIC ADO involves management of agents and acquiring of sales.  ADO performs administrative tasks.  The more sales and ADO brings in, the more bonuses he/she will receive.  Compared to AAO post, ADO post has got some pressure.  The job security is also less for ADO post.

LIC ADO Job Profile

Apprentice Development Officer (ADO) will handle both marketing and sales.  Candidates will be provided with pre-emptive training where he/she will be trained in understanding the existing LIC policies and areas where sales can be obtained easily.  The duties of ADO include:

  • Recruit agents for selling LIC policies to assigned area
  • Providing training to the selected agents working under ADO guidance
  • AOD need to analyze the overall performance of each agent and find out their marketing capabilities and shortcomings.
  • Motivate the agents to acquire maximum sales in given time period.
  • Assign a target quota and maintain overall integrity in sales.

ADO post involves pretty much travelling compared to AAO post as it is about managing sales.

LIC ADO Salary, Job Profile & Growth

LIC AAO Job Profile

Assistant Administrative Officer (AAO), as the name suggest will carry out administrative works in the insurance company.  LIC AAO works under a department head or administrative officer in the administrative department.  The job profile of AAO includes:

  • Managing and filling claims and settlements.
  • Interacting with specific clients.
  • Inspecting existing policies for errors or misleading fact.
  • Devising new schemes for the company to either replace an existing one or strengthen it.
  • Coordinate with other departments in issues related claims, settlements, policy revision, guidance etc.
  • Travel, if need be, to specific areas if duty calls.

LIC AAO Salary, Job Profile & Career Growth

LIC AAO Salary

An Assistant Administrative Officer gets the basic pay of Rs. 17,240/- He enjoys other perks and remuneration apart from the Basic Pay offered. The total amount/gross salary of an Assistant Administrative Officer thus ranges to Rs. 32,640/- which includes House Rent Allowance, Travel Allowance and Dearness Allowance. Here is the bifurcation of LIC AAO Salary Structure.

LIC AAO Basic Salary

 Initial Basic Pay of LIC AAO Rs 17,240 per month
Annual increment Rs 840 for the next 14 years
Basic Pay after 14 years Rs 29,000
Annual increment next 4 years. Rs 910
Basic Pay after next 4 years Rs 32,640

 Note- In addition to the Basic Pay, there are other allowances which are calculated as a percentage of the Basic Pay based on the location of posting. The total LIC AAO Salary is the sum of the Basic Pay and these allowances.

LIC AAO Salary: Allowances

City Compensatory Allowance (CCA) This too depends upon the job location and can be 4%, 3% or 0% of the LIC AAO Basic Pay.
House Rent Allowance (HRA) The HRA depends upon the job location. Based on whether the LIC AAOs are posted in metropolitan cities, Metro city9%, Urban Area 7-8%, Small City 6-7% of the LIC AAO Basic Pay.
Dearness Allowance (DA) The DA is revised quarterly based on the Consumer Price Index. This component of LIC AAO Salary forms around 40% of the Basic Pay. Since CPI depends upon inflation rates, the DA can increase or decrease based on that

LIC ADO Salary 2019: 

During the apprentice period, the candidate selected as Apprentice Development Officer will be paid a fixed amount as stipend per month as per rules of the Corporation. An Apprentice Development Officer other than an Employee Apprentice shall be paid equal to the minimum of the basic pay and the dearness allowance thereon on the scale of pay applicable to Development Officers as on the date of commencement of the apprenticeship. At present the amount of stipend is about ₹.34,503/- per month, except in case of candidates selected from LIC Employees category.

A Probationary Development Officer at a specified Headquarter in the area will be placed in the scale of ₹ 21865-1340(2)-24545-1580(2)-27705-1610(17)-55075 plus allowances and other benefits as per rules in force.

On appointment as a Probationary Development Officer, basic pay of ₹ 21,865/- per month (except for Employee Category candidates) in the scale of 21865-1340(2)-24545-1580(2)-27705-1610(17)- 55075 and other admissible allowances as per rules shall be payable.

Special Allowances:

Total emoluments at the minimum of the scale, inclusive of House Rent Allowance & City Compensatory Allowance wherever admissible depending upon the classification of city, will be approximately ₹37,345/- in ‘A’ Class City. 

Other benefits include Gratuity, Defined Contributory Pension Scheme, LTC, Medical Benefit, Group Insurance, Group Personal Accident Insurance, vehicle advance (2-wheeler/4-wheeler), reimbursement towards cost of Brief Case/leather bag, mobile handset, supply of dailies as per rules and on confirmation in service, attractive performance linked Incentives.

LIC AAO vs LIC ADO – Career Growth and Promotion Comparison 

The Insurance Sector is not highly proactive when it comes to regular job promotions. Yet this should not stop you from keeping your overall performance better than others. It takes as long as 8 years for getting the first promotion in LIC.

LIC AAO Career Graph

  1. Assistant Administrative Officer (AAO)
  2. Administrative Officer (AO)
  3. Assistant Branch Manager (ABM)
  4. Branch Manager (BM)
  5. Senior Branch Manager (SBM)
  6. Assistant Divisional Manager (ADM)
  7. Divisional Manager
  8. Senior Divisional Manager
  9. Regional Manager

LIC ADO Career Graph

  1. Apprentice Development Officer
  2. Development Officer
  3. Assistant Branch Manager (ABM)
  4. Branch Manager (BM)
  5. Senior Branch Manager (SBM)
  6. Assistant Divisional Manager (ADM)
  7. Divisional Manager
  8. Senior Divisional Manager
  9. Regional Manager

If you put in great effort, you reach upto the level of a Branch Manager in 15 years.

Note: After the post of Assistant Branch Manger (ABM), LIC AAO and LIC ADO will conclude and merge into the same level.

LIC AAO vs LIC ADO – Final Conclusion 

If you want to have comfortable, less pressured job you can go for LIC AAO.  If you are good at marketing and sales then make sure to try your hand in LIC ADO.

  • If you wish a comfy, cushy job, involving a lot of paper work and minimal footwork, go for a career in LIC AAO.
  • If tactical sales and marketing is your core interest and you wish to make a lot of bonus cash, go for LIC ADO career.

All the Best!!

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