Percentage Quiz for IBPS , SBI , RBI: Quiz – 1

Percentage Quiz for IBPS , SBI , RBI: Quiz – 1

Percentage plays a significant role in Quantitative Aptitude Section of banking exams such as IBPS, SBI and RBI PO and Clerk. You will get at least 1-2 questions from Percentage in one of IBPS, SBI and RBI PO & clerk exam. So, aspirants should focus on Percentage questions in detail. Here, we are providing you with the Percentage questions quiz with the detailed solution so that you can easily prepare for Percentage questions. We are providing here all-important latest pattern-based questions and Previous Year Questions of Percentage of various Government Exam like IBPS, SBI, and RBI PO and Clerk exam. This Percentage quiz we are providing is free. Attempt this Percentage quiz to practice important questions with answers and solutions. And score better in IBPS, SBI and RBI PO and Clerk exam.

Percentage Quiz to improve your Quantitative Aptitude for SBI Po & SBI clerk exam, IBPS PO & IBPS Clerk exam, IBPS RRB PO and assistant exam, LIC AAO, LIC Assistant and other competitive exam.

1. In a class 25% students got Munch,100/3% of remaining got dairy milk and out of remaining, ratio between students who got Five stars to students who got Snickers is 5 : 3. If difference between number of student who got daily milk and students who got snickers is 15, then find total number of students in the class?

(a) 250

(b) 280

(c) 220

(d) 260

(e) 240

Answer & Explanation

2. Ramesh expend 75/2% of his monthly income on rent, 20% of remaining on food and 25/2% of remaining on other expense if he save total Rs. 39900, then find the monthly income of Ramesh ?

(a) 94200 Rs.

(b) 93200 Rs.

(c) 96000 Rs.

(d) 81200 Rs.

(e) 91200 Rs.

Answer & Explanation

3. The population of a village is 4500. If number of males increases by 15% and number of females increases by 25% then the population of village become 5325. Number of males is what percent of the Number of females in the village.

(a) 100%

(b) 125%

(c) 150%

(d) 175%

(e) 200%

Answer & Explanation

4. If the population of city A increases by 10% and then decrease by 12% it becomes equal to 100/2%of city B’s population. Find the population of city A initially, if B’s population is 13,552?

(a) 2500

(b) 3000

(c) 2000

(d) 3200

(e) 2800

Answer & Explanation

5. In 2017, A village consist of males and females in the ratio of 5 : 4. If the difference between number of males and number of females in the year 2017 is 990 and population increases by 10% every year. Find number of males in 2018 if the ratio between males and females remains same every year ?

(a) 5000

(b) 5500

(c) 5445

(d) 4950

(e) 4875

Answer & Explanation

6. Ankit spends 40% of his monthly salary on food. Out of remaining, he spends 35% on furniture, 40% on rent and remaining on Books. Find the amount Ankit spend on books and furniture together if Ankit’s salary is 25% less then David’s salary which is equal to Rs 16,000 per month.

(a) 2880

(b) 3600

(c) 4320

(d) 6400

(e) 7200

Answer & Explanation

  1. If 21 is added in a number, the result becomes 350/3%of itself. Find the new number?

(a) 126

(b) 147

(c) 130

(d) 136


Answer & Explanation

8 The price of sugar increases by 20% and the consumption of a family decrease by 50/3%. Find the % change in the expenditure of family?

(a) 2%

(b) 0%

(c)  3%

(d) 2.5%

(e) 1.5%

Answer & Explanation

9. On a day, Sita typed an essay of 6000 words in 40 min. Next day, she typed the same essay with speed 12% faster than the previous day speed. Find the time she took to type the essay on next day?

Answer & Explanation

10 .the sum of square of two positive numbers is 628 and one number is 45 5/11%less than other number. Find the smaller number.

(a) 12

(b) 10

(c) 9

(d) 22

(e) 16

Answer & Explanation

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