SBI TO Exam 2020: Memory Based Questions

Recollected Questions 2020:  SBI Trainee Officers Examination (SBI Clerk to Officer Promotion exam)

All the Public Sector Banks conduct a different exam for the promotion of Clerk to Officer, and every bank has different eligibility criteria, syllabus and exam pattern for the promotion of clerk to Officer. SBI conducts internal promotional exam for the promotion of SBI clerk to SBI TO (Trainee officers) in the month of December. In this post we are giving you all Recollected Questions from SBI Trainee Officers Examination – 2020. If you are going to appear for this exam on coming years then you must not miss SBI Trainee Officers Examination Recollected Questions .

Section – 01 ( 20 Q – 10 Marks )

  1. MICR first three digits?
  2. Garnish order issued under sec?
  3. Committee on key data protection by RBI?
  4. Mudra is subsidiary of which Bank?
  5. Drawee Bank related question?
  6. “Express FD” scheme by which bank?
  7. RTGS min amount?
  8. Bank ombudsman related question?
  9. First mutual fund issued by which bank?
  10. Dishonour of cheque by wrong penalty?
  11. Contract with minor?
  12. NHB (National Housing Business ) comes under?
  13. Cust. does not have account but get service those customers called?
  14. Company memorandum charges called?

(a) Intra   (b) Extra   (c) Inter    etc.

  1. Sec 80 E IT Act & Sec 80 ——- related questions?
  2. “Money bill” in budget in which section?
  3. Repayment of total advance with instruct in single T/R called?
  4. _________ called Inflation rate is high, unemployment is steadily high?
  5. “Consumer Protection Act 1986” in this when can file a case?
  6. Amount outstanding 10y above of A/C T/F to which A/C? 

Section – 2 ( 20 Q – 20 Marks )

  1. “Fake Note detection at the counter” related?
  2. “Visually challenged person to locker” related?
  3. “Decreased settlement of a/c” related?
  4. “Preventive vigilance” importance in bank related?

Section – 3 ( 20 Q – 20 Marks )

  1. “Project Vivek” is related to?
  2. “RERA Act” is related to?
  3. Possession notice is issued under ____________ see it SARPASI Act?
  4. Mrs. Ansula Kant recently appointed to?
  5. Shourya Home Loan max repayment period?
  6. “Diamond CSP” customer salary limitation?
  7. In ‘APY’ Govt. contribution?
  8. Customer Age was 71y and then pension loan repayment is?
  9. Jai Jawan pension loan eligibility calculated? – 36 X UMI
  10. In STDR/TDR of mod’s a/c condition? – FIFO/LIFO
  11. RFC a/c accept currency? -USD, EURO, GBP
  12. Maximum loan of crop loan is decided by? – DLTC
  13. SCSS salary max deposit?
  14. “One Rupee notes” issued by which ministry?
  15. SBI Tax Saving scheme minimum deposit?
  16. SBI Reality Home Loan max amount?
  17. Age condition of PMJJY?
  18. For agri related SBI launched under YONO Krishi Products?
  19. SSA a/c withdraw age limit?
  20. Stand by LC can issue how many times to a a/c?

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Section – 4 (20 Q – 15Marks)

  1. In RINB how many beneficiaries can add per day?
  2. GRC Card per month T/R limit?
  3. In “mcash” amount revert in how many days?
  4. CINB Vistaar max amount T/F?
  5. Khata Plus is a ___________ a/c?- multi-users enquiry
  6. In FTC Card in addition to KYC it is to be taken?
  7. CINB which type have enquiry rights only?
  8. YONO a/c opening forms maintained by?
  9. SBI FASTag validity?
  10. RINB quick T/F limit per T/R?
  11. ASBA is applicable to which type of a/c?
  12. How many modes amount can T/A in mcash remittary?
  13. Hassle free payment in toll plaza SBI introduced? – FASTag
  14. BHIM SBI Pay per month T/R limit?
  15. How many Gift card can issue per a/c per month?
  16. Minimum cash @POS terminals?
  17. For SMS Alerts problems we escalate problem to?
  18. “Password strong” when it will call?
  19. “ASBA” can apply in how many a/c?

Section – 5 (20 Q – 10 Marks)

  1. YONO Cash per T/R limit?
  2. CRM related question?
  3. Bharat QR related?
  4. RBI limit of limitation ——— like that one question?
  5. Green PIN initiation was for what?
  6. Cust. 360° is related to? CRM
  7. RuPay dept. card Insurance claim caps in which website?
  8. FASTag related?
  9. For ATM smooth functioning steps taken?
  10. TMK stands for ___________ ?
  11. In POS T/R was done which shows the T/R details?
  12. VPA related?
  13. YONO launches scheme for Agri Business?
  14. PAI for Platinum ATM a/c on AIR & OFF AIR?
  15. CDM is replaced with name?
  16. MAB of POS related one question?
  17. ATM service of issue bank related?
  18. SBI draws the scheme PPC?
  19. Full KYC of prepaid payment instruments T/R limit?
  20. BHIM SBI Payments can done with?

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Section – 6 (20 Q – 5Marks)

  1. MD & CPD is reported to?
  2. Balance size of SBI?
  3. DMB (Chief Digit Officer) report to?
  4. Chairman of ECCB elected?
  5. Cross selling Increase?
  6. DMD (HP) & CDO report to?
  7. NPA ratio as on?
  8. Gross NPA as on?
  9. FCNR (B) T/R monitored by?
  10. Capital base of SBI?
  11. Cast to Income ratio?
  12. Chief ethical offer report to?
  13. Moody’s rating of SBI?
  14. Size of Agri Business of SBI?
  15. STEPS stands for?
  16. Re-finance give project related?
  17. RSDTI related?
  18. SBI Life share of SBI?
  19. SBI General share of SBI?
  20. Gross Advanced of SBI?
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