SBI Trainee Officers Exam 2022: Memory Based Questions

SBI Trainee Officers Exam 2022: Memory Based Questions

All the Public Sector Banks conduct a different exam for the promotion of Clerk to Officer, and every bank has different eligibility criteria, syllabus and exam pattern for the promotion of clerk to Officer. SBI conducts internal promotional exam for the promotion of SBI clerk to SBI TO (Trainee officers) in the month of January. In this post we are giving you all Recollected Questions from SBI Trainee Officers Examination – 2022. If you are going to appear for this exam on coming years then you must not miss SBI Trainee Officers Examination Recollected Questions .

2.World bank granted which state 40 million
4.First bank India for internet banking
5. What is not done for PEP
6.yono cash pos limit
7 yono cash csp limit
8.yono lite services tab which option is not available
9.yono cash maximum in CDM
10.saamarthya tie-up with?
11. YONO cash QR code limit advances sept??
14.what type of ratio is RoA
15 Cost to income as on sep 2021? retention limit revised in what duration ?
16.stong room should be what grade?
17.diamond variant mab
18.nhb owned by?
19.dmd digital reports to ?
20 gross npa
21 net npa
22 daily yono users
23 head of ECCB ?
24 What kind of ratio when price increases demand increases?
25 Gold retention limit revised in?
25 for meeting home loan needs which loan??
26 atm fraud report within how many days for insurance coverage?
27.electronic card used for?
28 which of the following is not general insurance product?
28 which products are not available
29 arogyam supreme is which type of policy?
30 imperial bank of India formed in?
31 CAC fleet minimum van?
32 fcnr product code
33 FCRA related

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