SBI TO Exam 2021: Memory Based Questions

SBI Trainee Officers Exam 2021: Memory Based Questions

All the Public Sector Banks conduct a different exam for the promotion of Clerk to Officer, and every bank has different eligibility criteria, syllabus and exam pattern for the promotion of clerk to Officer. SBI conducts internal promotional exam for the promotion of SBI clerk to SBI TO (Trainee officers) in the month of January. In this post we are giving you all Recollected Questions from SBI Trainee Officers Examination – 2021. If you are going to appear for this exam on coming years then you must not miss SBI Trainee Officers Examination Recollected Questions .

1.lien comes under which act ?
2.first chairman of sbi ?
3.NEFT process under which settlement?
4.Ligo is related to which insurance?
5.Bhim pay transaction limit?
6.bhavishya minor account?
7.fx retail is related to?
8.fx retail transaction limit?
9.which technology in sbi fastag?
10.which facilitie not available in sbi quick? deposit.artilcles relationship?
12.Bhim merchant pay transaction in which process?
13.ten years not used savings account amount transferred to?
14.MSME sakhsham launched by?
15.non tax vistar amt?
16.istandup 2.0 which bank ?
17.door step banking app name ?
18.for very large corporate customers and government organisations which INB ?
19.AC inoperative for how many months?
20.CGM’s are reported to?
21.BCP time question?
22.BCP risk with which department?
23.Chief ethics officer report to ?
24.fx retail initiative by ?
25.Nomination of deposits,articles sections?
26 assignment which act ?
27.Inb transaction limit for minors?
28.pension loan repayment period?
29.air accident insurance max for sbi debit card holder?
30.execitive committee board (ECCB) Head? privilege home loan not correct option? car loan which bank ? tie up with which Japan bank recently?
34.SIP Full form?
35.recently SBI changed which app to YONO lite ?
36.yono cash maximum?
37.RINB third party max tr limit?
38.sme gold loan min and Max ?
39.CRISIL max share holder ?
40.women employees percentage?
41.contactless debit card one question? card one question?
43.insta Savings account year limit of amount?
44.which is not OVD?
45.If address not there in OVD other proof not more than how many months old?
46.Insta savings account to full savings ac proof submit in how many months?
47.relationship overview yono which is not visible?
48.Education loan can show under 80C for how many years?
49.Sbi pos percentage?
50.suraksha aur bharosa dono tagline ?
51.Women employee percentage in sbi
52. LI.go chat bot of which institution
53.Limit for sme gold loan?
54.Bridge loan, 80(e) exemption max yr, steps,car, operating profit,sbi quick trf,1st sbi chairman
55.NHB subsidiary
56.Chairman of eccb
57.Assignment defined under which act
60.Max cash per day from ATM using YONO is Rs 20000

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