Speed Time & Distance for IBPS, SBI, RBI: Quiz -3

Speed Time & Distance for IBPS, SBI, RBI: Quiz -3

Speed Time & Distance plays a significant role in Quantitative Aptitude Section of banking exams such as IBPS, SBI and RBI PO and Clerk. You will get at least 2-3 questions from Speed Time & Distance in one of IBPS, SBI and RBI PO & clerk exam. So, aspirants should focus on Speed Time & Distance questions in detail. Here, we are providing you with the Speed Time & Distance questions quiz with the detailed solution so that you can easily prepare for Speed Time & Distance questions. We are providing here all-important latest pattern-based questions and Previous Year Questions of Speed Time & Distance of various Government Exam like IBPS, SBI, and RBI PO and Clerk exam. This Speed Time & Distance quiz we are providing is free. Attempt this Speed Time & Distance quiz to practice important questions with answers and solutions. And score better in IBPS, SBI and RBI PO and Clerk exam.

Speed Time & Distance Quiz to improve your Quantitative Aptitude for SBI Po & SBI clerk exam, IBPS PO & IBPS Clerk exam , IBPS RRB PO and assistant exam, LIC AAO ,LIC Assistant  and other competitive exam.

1. Train ‘A’ crosses a standing man in 11 sec. If the speed of train A is 20% more than speed of train B and length of train A is 20% less than that of Train B, Find the time taken by Train A to cross Train B if both travel in opposite direction?

(a)  12.5 sec

(b)  13.5 sec

(c) 11.5 sec

(d) 10.5 sec

(e) 9.5 sec

Answer & Explanation

2. A person covers 132 km distance in ‘t’ hours by travelling some distance by car and some by train and speed of train is 20% more than Speed of car. If ratio of distance travelled by car and train is 4 : 7 and car covers 48 km distance with 24 km/h speed in (t + ½) hours ,then find speed of train(approximately)?

(a) 100 km/h

(b) 94 km/h

(c) 80 km/h

(d) 110 km/h

(e) 120 km/h

Answer & Explanation

3. Distance cover by a jeep in two hours is equal to the distance cover by a car in 3 hours. Train which is 100/3% faster to a car, covers 240 km in 3 hours, then find the distance cover by jeep in 5 hours.

(a) 300 km

(b) 400 km

(c) 600 km

(d) 450 km

(e) 500 km

Answer & Explanation

4. Two trains A and B of lengths 230 m and 190 m cross each other in 21s when they travel in opposite directions and in 42s if they travel in same directions. Find the ratio of the speed of the two trains?

(a) 4 : 1

(b) 2 : 3

(c) 3 : 1

(d) 5 : 4

(e) 6 : 5

Answer & Explanation

5. A train A crosses a train B of twice its length moving in opposite direction with 150 m/s speed in 12 sec. If 4 additional compartments each of length 5% that of train A are attached to train A, its speed reduces by 20% and it crosses a man standing on platform in 10 sec. Find the length of train after adding additional compartments?

(a) 1500 m

(b) 700 m

(c) 1800 m

(d) 1400 m

(e) 1200 m

Answer & Explanation

6. Speed of Satish is 40% of speed of Aman. Aman covers 2340 m in 18 seconds. Find in how much time Satish can cover 468 m.

(a) 8 seconds

(b) 9 seconds

(c) 10 seconds

(d) 11 seconds

(e) 12 seconds

Answer & Explanation

7. A train can cross a platform of 100 m length completely in 12 seconds while covers a platform of double of its length in 21 seconds. Find the speed of the train? (in m/s)

(a) 12

(b) 15

(c) 18

(d) 20

(e) 24

Answer & Explanation

8. Train A is 180 metre long, while another train B is 240 meter long. Train A has a speed of 30 kmph and train B’s speed is 40 kmph, if the trains move in opposite directions, then in what time will Train A pass Train B completely?

(a) 21 seconds

(b) 21.6 seconds

(c) 26.1 seconds

(d) 26 seconds

(e) 16 seconds

Answer & Explanation

9. A train covers certain distance between two places at a uniform speed. If the train moved 10 kmph faster, it would take 2 hours less, and if the train were slower by 10 kmph, it would take 3 hours more than the scheduled time. Find the distance covered by the train.

(a) 300 km

(b) 600 km

(c) 800 km

(d) 1200 km

(e) None of these

Answer & Explanation

10. Two cars A and B are at point P and Q respectively and are at a distance of 250 km. They started to move towards each other and meet at point C after 2 hours. It is found that when car A reached point Q, car B after reaching point P, travelled 100 km more. Find the speed of car A.

(a) 310/7 km/hr

(b) 128/3 km/hr

(c)  625/3 km/hr

(d) 101/2 km/hr

(e) 152/3 km/hr

Answer & Explanation


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